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Accudraft Italia Spray Booth

Form, Function and Color: The Accudraft Italia Spray Booth

Just because you work in a garage doesn’t mean that your shop has to look shabby. The amazing style of our Accudraft Italia Spray Booth adds new pizzazz to your operation. With the same outstanding function, you can order your Accudraft Italia booth in a variety of eye-catching colors.

Why is that important?

When your garage looks organized, clean, and fresh, it projects an ultra professional look. We can match your paint booth to your company logo or your shop design. When your customers come to your shop, they will see a sharp looking interior that exemplifies quality! It’s about setting the tone for what your clients can expect from your shop: quality, professionalism, and attention to detail.

Take a look at this example of a brand new three row pitted downdraft Italia paint booth with attached paint mixing room and red exterior finish…

Outstanding Function

With our new colorful array of Accudraft Italia Paint Booths you get the same outstanding function that you have come to expect from all of our products. As a downdraft paint booth, you get the most efficient and clean function by reducing the risk of overspray and contamination.

Our traditional Italia line has always been the design in highest demand for over three decades. Its speed, durability, and extraordinary features make it ideal for high volume shops and garages.

It comes in either a pitted or pit-less downdraft design with precision features that speed up curing time and allow for better control including:

  • Direct Drive Air Makeup Unit with Heat Recycle
  • Interior Illumination
  • Heavy Duty Pushbutton Controls

Our new Italia design takes that outstanding function and adds not only color, but also great new features too. These are just some of the features that are making our new Accudraft Italia line our most popular paint booth design. Check out these standard features:

  • 14,000 CFM – Timeless™ Direct Drive Mechanicals
  • Dual Skin Insulated
  • Industrial Grade Vinyl over Galvanized Construction
  • Textured Vinyl Exterior (Choice of Four Standard Colors)
  • Ultra-White™ Non-Reflective Vinyl Interior
  • 1.2 Million Btu/hr Heating system. Natural Gas or Propane

Superior Performance

With endurance over decades of use, our Accudraft Italia Paint Booths continue to be the most popular on the market. Its superior performance is just part of what is making our new design the talk of the industry. It’s not just the colors!

Our integrated Timeless Direct Drive Air Makeup Unit provides for faster curing times and maximal energy efficiency. You can also choose either a pitted Italia paint booth or the efficient pit-less downdraft booth. You get the same remarkably clean environment, but without the need to add concrete pits. Other available add-ons include:

Space Saving Designs

Your shop space is crucial to your ability to offer your customers excellent service. Our new Accudraft Italia Paint Booth offers space saving designs to keep your operation moving and the customers coming!

Move part of your operation outdoors to free up space inside. The Italia comes in weatherproof outdoor designs. No need to close down shop. You can continue to move your customers’ cars and equipment through while your outdoor booth is being installed.

Don’t have room for a mixing room? Add our space saving configurations! A mixing room is extremely important to providing a safe environment for your employees. You don’t have to cut corners because of a lack of space.

We offer space saving configurations for you to add a mixing room overhead, in the rear, or off to the side. These self-contained units are a great addition to your new Italia Paint Booth and are part of the way that we are making your work better.

Accudraft Color Options

Find Out More About Our New Accudraft Italia Paint Booths!

We are ready to help you maximize your operation whenever you are! Give us a call to speak to our qualified installers about your options and to customize your new paint booth with your company logo and colors.

Our team is always just a phone call away, and looks forward to helping you design a paint booth layout that matches the standard of work your shop is known for. Please feel free to browse our website at your leisure to learn more about our systems. Should you have any questions, let’s connect. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and business. Let’s get started today!