Timeless™ Paint Booth Air Makeup System

Timeless Direct Drive

Accudraft’s Timeless™ direct drive paint booth air makeup system is a completely integrated intake, heat, and exhaust system. Direct fire heating and direct drive turbines provide powerful airflow and heat capabilities with the added benefit of longer filter life. Specially constructed turbo fans allow the Timeless™ to move air through dirtier filters than the average fan or blower. For non-stop, high flow shops that kill filters quickly, the Accudraft Timeless™ system is a great answer to keeping the painters working and saving filter changes for after hours.


  • Works with both downdraft and modified downdraft spray booths
  • 14,000 to 20,000 CFM Sizes
  • Energy Smart™ VFD Package Included
  • Industrial Strength Vinyl over Galvanized Construction
  • Accudraft Blu™ Textured Vinyl Exterior
  • 1.2 Million to 2.5 Million Btu/hr Direct Fire Heating. Natural Gas or Propane. Full heat recirculation (Minimum 15% fresh air by code)
  • Pressure and performance remains constant for the entire life of the fifters
  • Turbofan is directly coupled to the
    motor providing high efficiency and energy savings
  • Longer filter life since the turbofan can work with higher static pressure build-up