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A Sneak Peek into Accudraft’s National Paint Booth Distribution Team

Accudraft is proud to serve customers across the United States—but we do it with a little help. While we have built our company to over a hundred employees of engineers, manufacturers, sales executives, service technicians, and other key personnel, we also have cultivated a growing, nationwide network of distributors. Our paint booth distributors play an essential role to expanding our reach and improving our customer service. Here’s a sneak peek into how our distribution team works and how you can get involved.

What Are Paint Booth Distributors?

Paint booth distributors can buy, sell, install, and service paint booths on behalf of a manufacturer. They often have a working relationship with the manufacturer that allows the distributor to act on their behalf or sometimes even offer exclusive discounts and promotions. Distributors also typically have a well-known presence that local shops can rely on for faster install and service turnaround times.

Distributor Highlight: Chris Curran at EcoTech Systems

Chris Curran, owner of EcoTech Systems, has been an Accudraft distributor since 1995. Over the last 28 years, he has sold and installed hundreds of our booths across the greater Texas area. He is truly one of the best, and our customers love working with Chris and his team because they are incredibly reliable and professional. Our customers also understand the dedicated relationship Chris has with Accudraft that makes his company extremely trustworthy when it comes to servicing our booths.

Accudraft Distributor Qualifications

Our distributors are a true extension of the Accudraft team, so their customer service needs to uphold to our standards. Every distributor that we work with has to enroll in our training program before becoming eligible to sell and install our booths. We also complete frequent quality checks to ensure all work from our distribution team is of the highest quality and exceeds all expectations.

About Our Training Center

Our training center is located in Randolph, New Jersey, right beside our U.S. headquarters. It’s equipped with two of our standard booths, a Pro Series and Titan, as well as both the Smart and Focus control panels. New distributors are required to attend at least two days of training, depending on whether they are taking our sales or tech course. During the training, we’ll review the ins and outs of our booths and troubleshoot various scenarios that may occur in the field.

How to Join the Accudraft Distribution Team

We are always looking for new distributors to join our team! If your company might be a good fit with us, contact us online or reach out to our team via social media.