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West Coast Collision Paint Shop Expansion

West Coast Collision (WCC) is an automotive repair shop that has been servicing the in Holiday, Florida area for over 10 years. Recently, our team went down to their facility to check out their brand-new paint shop extension—and the four Accudraft booths that were installed during the remodel. Watch their full story in our YouTube video below.

Understanding the Challenge West Coast Collision Faced

As West Coast Collision grew in size and demand, their needs expanded as well. WCC was undergoing an entire shop makeover and wanted the newest equipment to match their state-of-the-art facility. The new equipment needed to handle an increase in customer volume to turn more jobs per day. Their main needs were production, reliability, and the ability to fit ANYTHING that came into their shop into a booth. Our Accudraft team took the time to understand their business model and needs in order to provide them with the best possible finishing setup unique to their facility.

How Accudraft Helped West Coast Collision

After discussing their needs and our products, West Coast Collision went with three Italia booths, and an additional Italia Alto. After all, the Italia is known for being a “workhorse booth.” These various booth sizes will now allow WCC to service all types of automotive vehicles, from compact sedans to oversized sprinter vans. The Italia Alto has an increased interior height of 12 feet, making refinishing transit vans and 4×4 vehicles a breeze.

Additionally, West Coast Collision also had two mixing rooms installed to help with production flow and performance. Mixing rooms are an essential add-on for any shop that performs refinishing work, as they can be used for a multitude of steps during the painting process.

What Did the Installation Process Look Like?

In West Coast Collision’s case, they were performing a shop renovation—meaning out with the old and in with the new, literally. WCC had three booths they were looking to retire and replace with the new Italia’s. While they were working with outside parties to complete other aspects of their shop renovation, Accudraft was able to take down and safely dispose of the existing booth equipment. We also worked with their contractors to install the new paint booths, as even replacements require electrical and roofing work.

Interested in an Accudraft Paint Booth?

If your shop is interested in replacing or adding new paint booths, contact Accudraft today. Our team is happy to discuss your shop’s needs and provide recommendations for new equipment. From economy starter booths and space savers to high-production finishing systems, Accudraft has something for every shop. We also offer additional equipment such as mixing rooms, prep stations, control panels, and booth upgrades and parts. Get in touch with an Accudraft team member today to learn more!