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Accudraft’s Live Connected Data Software is Changing the Industry

Connected data is everywhere now. From phones to watches to cars, it seems like everything has turned into a smart device. So, why not your paint booth? The automotive finishing industry has not slowed down; in fact, it is expected to grow by 5.1% over the next ten years. With this increase in growth, business owners must prepare their shops to handle a higher customer demand. While there are options to enhance an existing refinishing setup, business owners should not make these decisions blindly. That’s where connected data comes into play within the automotive finishing industry.

What Is Accudraft Live?

Accudraft Live is a cloud-connected software that turns any paint booth into a smart device. It provides shop managers and owners with critical data points to better understand their production process, make smarter business decisions, and turn out more jobs per day. The Live software is accessible via desktop or mobile device, making it easy for managers to check on their booth’s performance from anywhere they are.

How Can Accudraft Live Be Used?

With a customizable dashboard, shops can easily see the data that is important to them. However, there are 3 key ways that Live can be used for:

  • Hours by spray booth: If a shop has multiple paint booths that are all connected to Live, you can filter the data for each individual booth, including its maintenance intervals and filter changes.
  • Hours by phase: Shops can also manage each booth’s phase cycle to understand how long a vehicle has been in one phase or another, preventing bottleneck, prep, and painting issues.
  • Hours by employee: When multiple employees are working out of the same booth, Live can track which ones are continually turning work and which ones aren’t, revealing areas of improvement that can be used to streamline your process.

I Manage Multiple Shops, Can I Still Use Accudraft Live?

Yes! In fact, Live is ideal for companies that operate multiple shops. Managers can compare metrics from one to another, including the number of RO’s painted, the amount of time a booth is in a spray or bake cycle, or the length of a job from beginning to end. Having access to this type of data is extremely valuable when determining the ROI on individual shops, as well as when and how to upgrade finishing equipment.

What Does an Accudraft Live Subscription Include?

Accudraft offers Live subscriptions at an annual plan for new or current customers. Each subscription includes a customizable dashboard with all paint booth data, as well as access to Live support. Unlike traditional maintenance and service requests, our Live support team can remotely access connected paint booths to resolve issues over the phone—no more waiting hours or days with a down booth for a technician to come to your shop!

If you’re interested in learning more about our Accudraft Live subscription, contact us online.