Whether you operate a small auto body shop and complete small repairs day in and day out, or you oversee a full-service repair shop with multiple jobs to be completed every day, you will surely benefit from a curtained workstation in your facility. An industrial curtain partition creates a functional barrier that can keep out, or in, humidity, temperature, dust and other particles or contaminants. A curtained workstation for industrial applications is a very flexible option to install in a repair shop. If you need easy access to your workspace, then curtains can be suspended on roller trolleys that allow workers to slide them back and forth for complete access or for privacy. 

Many industrial facilities, or auto body shops have used permanent rigid walls, or separate garages, to complete work on individual vehicles. Walls, or stalls, are an effective way to keep each job separate and to increase safety as each worker completes their work in a dedicated area. Rigid walls come at a high cost though and can result in the loss of long-term flexibility for the layout of the facility. Fortunately, curtain walls provide the same safety benefits, temperature and environmental control but they come at a lower price and with a flexible design that provides adaptability. 

Curtains are the ideal option for prep stations, wash down areas and finishing stalls. The configuration of a curtained workstation helps to create a safer and cleaner work environment. Not to mention, that it keeps clutter out of view, so it improves the aesthetic of the shop and it also reduces heat loss! 

Curtained Workstations for Industrial Applications from Accudraft Paint Booths

Ventilation Control

When completing a paint job on a car, the environment needs to be clear of dust and any other particles that could potentially stick to the paint. Additionally, byproducts from the paint can lead to skin irritation and respiratory issues if the area is not well-ventilated. Installing curtains around the workstation can provide an effective physical barrier that keeps dust particles out but provides outside air that keeps the environment clean and fresh. 

Noise Control

If your prep station is located in the middle of a busy auto body shop, the excessive noise levels from the surrounding work can be distracting and cause low production, or even long-term hearing loss for sensitive ears. A curtained workstation is a solid solution for creating a quieter work environment, with the added flexibility of keeping the curtains as open or closed as necessary for noise control. 


When you choose a curtained workstation then you save money from having to build permanent walls to shut off a specific part of your shop. A curtained workstation can separate conflicting tasks within the work environment and it quickly creates a private and quiet work area. Workers enjoy this option because it can improve working conditions and curtains can easily slide out of the way if they are not needed. The best part about curtained workstations is that they are super easy to install, clean and replace if necessary. 

Increased Productivity 

When your team has the tools necessary to complete their work, you are sure to experience an increase in productivity as well as employee satisfaction. It’s always easier to do your work quickly and efficiently without sacrificing good quality when you filter out noise, distractions and maintain a clean workstation that won’t taint a fresh paint job. 

Roll Up Curtains for Accudraft Paint Booth

At Accudraft, we offer a range of both open face booths that can be enclosed with custom curtains, curtained work areas as well as completely enclosed paint booths. No matter what configuration you choose, you will receive custom options to fit the unique needs of your facility. An open face booth offers a semi-closed environment for industrial prepping, sanding and spraying – it’s a clean area for easy and light prep work. A curtained work area allows you to dedicate an area in you shop that will be free of contaminants and debris. The curtains are flame retardant so they offer a safe work environment, and with added fans you can keep the air clean from paint chemicals. Should you choose an enclosed paint booth, you will find that this option is perfect for spraying and painting industrials parts with dedicated entry doors for easy access into the space. 

If you are interested in learning more about curtained workstations for your facility, or would like to explore the numerous Accudraft solutions available to you, please contact our team. A dedicated rep will be in touch to discuss your needs, the layout of your facility, your budget and other pertinent factors that will help dictate the recommendations and solutions we offer.