Paint Booth Materials Needed for the Construction Process

A quality spray application starts with a well-constructed paint booth. At Accudraft, we consider performance and longevity within the design of every booth. It’s important to note that component selection (motors, temperature controls, gas valves, etc.) are not necessarily included in construction materials. However, these are elements that can be discussed in our design process.

In this article, we explain our standout paint booth materials for construction.

Simple Joint Construction

Our booths start with Simple Joint construction- an interlock system that creates a workspace with up to four times the integrity of ordinary spray booths. Our Simple Joint panels’ design produces a neat and clean finish that is free of bolts or screws from view. We also use Galvanized steel and industrial PVC coatings for the highest grade of durability and outdoor weather resistance.

The exterior build comes in four unique colors- Accudraft Blu, Ultra White, Furia, and Grigio.

Dual Skin Paint Booth Walls

We use dual skin, non-flammable insulation within our paint booths. The mineral wool we use doesn’t shrink as inferior Styrofoam does. The interior walls of our booths are always ultra-white, non-reflective, and vinyl coated.

Paint Booth Doors

Accudraft paint booth doors use hardware that is internal to the door. This way, the hardware is protected from overspray and the harsh conditions inside a cabin. Other manufacturers will have door hardware inside the booth, leaving it prone to overspray and making it difficult to clean.

We also offer many different paint booth door styles that fit your facility’s needs, including swing, multi-fold or winged, roll-up, solid, and filtered styles.

Control Panels

Any operator will have no trouble navigating our simplistic and intuitive control panels. We offer two options for our booths:

  • SmartPad Digital Control: Provides operators with all process information and settings in one compact and easy-to-read unit. Processes for solvent and waterborne paint modes will be automatic after being configured.
  • Focus Touchscreen Control: Operators can configure up to five separate programs, each set to your preferences or according to the coating manufacturer’s recommendations. This control panel also supports online support and services so that an Accudraft tech support member can access the system and monitor operations in real-time.

What Makes Accudraft Booths Different

While an Accudraft paint booth has a plethora of benefits, here are the highlights:

  • Galvanized Steel
  • Vinyl Coated Interior & Exterior
  • Manufactured & Shipped with Protective Polyethylene Coating
  • Interlocking Male & Female Panels
  • Non-flammable Insulation
  • Meets National Fire Protection Requirements (NFPA Compliant)
  • Available in Blue, White, Red, or Grey Exterior Colors

If you’re interested in learning more about Accudraft paint booths, contact us online.