Powder Coating System: Booths, Ovens, and Application Tools

Powder coating is a dry powder, unlike liquid painting, and is applied electrostatically. The electrostatic application has a much higher transfer efficiency than liquid paint because of the attraction caused by the unique application process. Manufacturing or industrial facilities typically use powder coating because it helps prevent corrosion and resists abrasion. Also, unlike liquid painting, powder coatings are more scratch-resistant.

To achieve a durable finish, a powder coating system is needed, including a complete process, appropriate equipment, and streamlined layout.

When Does Powder Coating Happen in the Finishing Process?

There are three parts to the finishing process that are essential to achieving a flawless finish:

  • Pretreatment: The part that is being painted must be cleaned and receive a chemical pretreatment. This is to ensure dust containment and that the surface is ready to be painted.
  • Application: The powder coating is applied on the surface of the part through an electrostatic application. It can be applied either directly to metal or unprimed substrate. Powder coatings are best for metal parts; at high temperatures the powder will liquefy and cause a plastic part to melt.
  • Curing: Once the powder coating is applied, it must be cured until it hardens at temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Equipment is Needed in a Powder Coating System?

Each of the above steps requires equipment to be completed.

  • A curtained work area will provide a safe working environment free of contaminants and debris. It can be used to clean parts and perform chemical pretreatments.
  • A pretreatment washer does all of the manual work, including a chemical cleaning stage and a water rinse stage.
  • The powder application booth can be a recovery or spray to waste.
    • A recovery booth tends to be more expensive but has a filter bank for each different coating color. It also has filter canisters that collect excess powder that can be reused.
    • A spray to waste booth is less expensive and only has one filter bank for all coating colors. It also relies on manual sweeping to clean powder coating overspray.
  • A curing oven specifically designed for powder coating is necessary, as temperatures need to reach 500 degrees Fahrenheit. High-temperature rated fans will provide a slow and consistent hot air to the cabin, ensuring an even finish.

Customize a Powder Coating System Layout

At Accudraft, we’re able to build complete customized layouts for powder coatings or install equipment within your existing facility. We also offer crane and conveyor systems for an easy and efficient finishing process, from the pretreatment stage to the product packaging stage. For more information about a customized powder coating system, contact us online.