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Truck & Large Equipment Spray Booth Systems

Accudraft TX™ large equipment & truck spray booths are the ultimate in large capacity refinishing areas. These units are made in custom sizes and capability and can carry many different options depending on the application. TX™ paint booth units can be engineered as a truck paint booth application, a media or sand blasting enclosure for construction equipment, a railway car finishing system, or a humidity controlled finishing environment for aircraft and marine products. Accudraft TX™ spray booths are available in any number of airflow configurations and can be enhanced with recirculating direct-fire heating systems like the Accudraft KD™ or Timeless™. Whether you need a paint, prep, spray, or media blast booth or a specialized industrial enclosure, virtually any type of large scale enclosure can be designed. For some examples of TX truck paint booth system installations, look at the TX truck and large equipment paint booth gallery section.

Product Photo (above): Accudraft TX™ large equipment spray booth. Filtered ceiling heated air delivery. Side wall exhaust. 80’x18’x22′ (LxWxH-ID).


  • Truck/Rail/Heavy Equipment Spray Booth
  • Downdraft, Modified Downdraft, or Crossflow
  • Custom CFM Capcities According to Project Specifications
  • Reduces energy costs by up to 50%
  • EnergySmart™ variable frequency drive system standard
  • Industrial Strength Vinyl over Galvanized Construction
  • Accudraft Blu™ Textured Vinyl Exterior (Dual Skin Only)
  • Ultra-White™ Reflective Vinyl Interior
  • All doors include full-height observation windows with wire-mesh reinforcement
  • At least one (1) main entrance door includes an integrated man door to allow easyaccess without having to open the full height bi-fold doors
  • Custom Btu/hr Heating systems. Natural Gas. Full heat recirculation (Minimum 15% fresh air by code)
  • Custom Sizes and Configurations
  • Single or Dual Skin Vinyl Coated Walls
  • SmartPad™ Fully Automatic Touch Pad Controls


  • Scafolding/catwalks
  • Interior man lift systems
  • After Burner™ Industrial Power Waterbone Air Jet Modules
  • Extra Personnel Doors
  • Roll-up Main Entrance/Drive Thru Doors
  • Third Row of Wall Mounted Lights

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