Accudraft’s EnergySmart™ system saves electrical and gas energy during operation of the pant booth or finishing system. The EnergySmart™ feature turns a basic paint booth into an intelligent digital process system that is aware of both airflow conditions and painting activity within the spray booth cabin. The system then takes action based on the actual real-time situations. There are three key features to the EnergySmart™ system:


Soft Start on Motors

Traditional motor start-up causes a spike in power draw. Most utility companies charge a service factor and rate the facility according to the highest possible power draw. For example: Motors that are rated for 25-30 Amps of running power may spike to over 100 Amps momentarily as the turbines wind up from a standstill. After a few seconds, the power draw levels out, but the damage has been done. The shop will now be charged according to the “spike” rate, not the lower running rate.

With Accudraft’s EnergySmart™ Feature, motors are gradually started in order to get the turbines spinning. Each VFD drive continues to increase each motor’s speed until the proper amperage is reached. This eliminates the spike in power and can save 30% or more on electrical usage.

Automatic Pressure Control

Workspace static pressure is a very important factor in how well your paint booth removes overspray and forms a draft. Ask any painter and he will most likely know a lot about this. It is typiaclly the painter’s job to monitor and maintain the paint booth’s static pressure such that jobs come out clean and on time. Thsi static pressure is constantly changing since teh paint overspray is building up on filters as they use the paint booth. Adjustments need to be made and filter sneed to be changed when the desired static pressure can’t be reached.

With EnergySmart™, the paint booth now does all of this automatically. The painter simply sets the desired pressure to work at, and the paint booth takes care of the rest. Internal static pressure is continuously monitored and fan speeds are increased/decreased where needed to get the the requested static pressure. Everything adjusts on its own until the fans are at maximum capacity at which point the paint booth control panel will alert the user that it is time to change filters.

This saves valuable time by letting the painter stay on task and produce more jobs instead of adjusting the paint booth. It also saves money by saving energy since the auto pressure balance feature uses only the energy needed to reach the static pressure setting. The old way, the paint booth ran at 100% power all the time and painters choked airflow with a manual damper or flap, wasting all that energy.

“Standby” Economy Mode

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