Emergency Stop Switch for Paint Booth with Normally Closed Contact Block

Emergency Stop Switch

Emergency Stop Push Button for paint booth

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Indicator Light

Green 120 v For Paint Booth

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Control Panel Key

For Control Panel Door

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Legend Plate Potentiometer For Paint Booth

Legend Plate

For Manual VFD’s Potentiometer For Paint Booth

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Multi Timer 1

10 v / 120 V Seconds or Minutes 8 Flat Prongs

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Omron Socket Base

Used for MY2 Relays and Timers For Paint Booth

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Pressure Transducer

For Variable Frequency Drive Used in All Control Panel For Paint Booth


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120 VAC Coil LED Indicator with Test Push Button For Paint Booth

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Selector Switch Black Knob used for all control Panels For Paint Booth

Selector Switch Black Knob

Used For All Control Panels

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Smart Pad Decal For Paint Booth

Smart Pad Decal

Smart Pad Control Decal

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