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High Quality Service and Quick Turnaround Time

When it comes to automobile repair, nobody around South Orange, New Jersey, does it better than Jack Haberman and his Modern Auto Body team. When it comes to body work, Modern Auto Body is a name that’s trusted in the community. It’s an independently-owned business that’s serviced South Orange residents since 1932 and has always maintained a reputation for excellence and top quality service.

Customer service and satisfaction are top priority at Modern Auto Body, which is why their highly skilled technicians are happy to answer questions and help customers in any way. Some of the extensive services offered by Modern Auto Body include:

  • Major repairs like frame straightening and welding
  • Painting and touch-ups
  • Minor bumper and fender repairs

There is no job too big or small for the Modern Auto Body team. They work with any insurance company and maintain a close relationship with the Millburn Avenue branch of Enterprise rentals, so every customer can receive easy access to a rental car if needed. Other features that set Modern Auto Body apart from the rest include Smart Scheduling and text notifications, which means that automobiles are worked on without delay and the customers are immediately notified of progress and updates via text messages.

The Challenges

As word spread around the South Orange area, people from other communities began flocking to Modern Auto Body for all their collision repair needs. Customers from nearby areas quickly picked up on how professional and helpful the Modern Auto Body team was. It wasn’t until after that point when Jack Haberman and his team realized they needed to expand their operation to keep up with the supply of work.

As their demand increased, Jack and the Modern Auto Body team needed a workshop with equipment designed specifically for high volume operations. To do this, they relocated their body shop to Valley Street, a much larger location only a block away, and turned to Accudraft for all their hardware needs.

“Anybody who has been in the industry longer than a couple of months has heard of Accudraft. They’ve had the reputation of being the only company on the market who can speed up the workflow while promising a top quality finished product. I decided to call and talk with one of their representatives to learn more. They explained the entire process to me and referred me to a website with some of their recent projects. After seeing their professionalism and attention to detail, I was sold,” said Jack Haberman of Modern Auto Body.

How Accudraft Helped

After learning of the specific challenges that Modern Auto Body faced, Accudraft recommended the following products:

The Modern Auto Body repair shop chose two XL paint booths at 26’ x 13’4” x 11’6” in order to ensure that they had the space and equipment to handle any job, regardless of size. Some of the benefits of this paint booth model include observation windows, dual skin insulation, and a highly efficient heating system that’s powered by either propane or natural gas. Furthermore, since the XL paint booths use downdraft technology, the chances of any contamination, smears, or smudges on the final coat of paint is greatly reduced.

Once Modern Auto Body relocated to a larger work area, they could optimize their space with prep and mixing stations. Their Accudraft Prep 4000 automotive prep station enabled them to do all sanding, welding, and light painting in a separate area so that unwanted dirt and debris didn’t enter the painting booths. This, combined with the mixing room, kept the workshop clean, organized, and safer, which helped increase efficiency and productivity tremendously.

Benefits of the Accudraft XL Paint Booth

  • Downdraft technology ensures a more even coat without the risk of overspray or contamination
  • Built with industrial strength material that can survive heavy-duty use
  • Can be customized to meet the unique needs of the shop owner
  • Optional Xcelerator™ air towers and EnergySmart™ systems are available

Benefits of the Prep 4000 Station

  • Can be expanded to an unlimited number of working bays
  • Comes integrated with a fully automatic control system
  • Users can choose between traditional downdraft or pitless design, depending on their workplace limitations

Benefits of the AccuMix SS Room

  • Observational windows and additional doors can be added
  • Dimensions are fully customizable to meet the shop’s specific needs
  • Increases workplace safety by reducing employees’ exposure to toxic chemicals and vapors

The Results

Ever since the Modern Auto Body team made the switch to Accudraft products, customers couldn’t be happier. Everyone receives a consistently excellent automobile in a timely manner.

“After seeing first-hand what my Accudraft paint booths have done for my business, I’m a believer. It’s true, you don’t have to choose between quality or turnaround time. With Accudraft, you can have both,” said Jack Haberman.

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