prep 4000


The Accudraft Prep4000™ is a full size automotive prep station and work area made for vehicle preparation. and painting. The Prep4000™ prep station is EPA 6H (NESHAP Subpart HHHHHH) rule compliant and is designed with a closed plenum that is hung from the shop ceiling and the work/spray area is enclosed with up to three curtain walls or steel walls. The Prep4000™ comes as a modular one-bay prep station and can be expanded into unlimited work bays with curtain-wall dividers. With the addition of the Side Loader option on any Accudraft paint booth, jobs can be designed to flow from prep area right into the spray booth without ever having to come back out into the shop area. By adding heat and controls, the Prep4000™ can also have all the capability of a heated paint booth complete with spray, flash, bake, and cool down cycles.

Product Photo (above): (2) Accudraft Prep4000™ downdraft automotive prep station.


  • Automotive Prep Station
  • Available in Downdraft or Pitless design
  • Unlimited Bays
  • 11,000 CFM
  • Accudraft Blu™ Textured Vinyl Exterior
  • Ultra White™ Reflective Vinyl Interior
  • Fully Automatic Controls


  • Oblique Draft
  • Drive Thru Configuration
  • Direct Fired Heat System w/ I-Pad Digital Touch Controls
  • Curtains Ordered Separatly
  • Automatic Change Over System
  • Additional Bays
  • AccuHz™ Energy Saving VFD System

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