3 Reasons to Make the Switch to Waterborne Paint

For years, solvent-based paint was the standard in the automotive industry. Now, waterborne paint has slowly taken over car manufactures and repair shops. But why the change? That’s what we’re here to dive into. Take a look at these three reasons you should make the switch to waterborne paint.

1. Unbeatable Color Matches

Car manufacturing factories are now using waterborne coatings as the base in their paint finishing process. This means if you’re still performing outdated solvent-based paint applications, you’ll never receive an exact color match. For accurate color matching, waterborne paint will be needed. Your clients will beam after seeing their car restored to its original color after a collision or repair.

2. Incredible Performance

Waterborne paint has unique challenges for drying because it has a thinner film build, meaning dirt and other particles will show easier. However, after some training, you’ll be seeing advanced results. This additional training will be worth it, as waterborne paint will be more efficient and provide more predictable results. There will also be fewer application issues than solvent-based paint. This is because solvents are harsher and can create wrinkles in the paint during the application process.

3. Requirements and Regulations

States and counties across the U.S. are now mandating the use of waterborne paint, in an effort to be more environmentally friendly. By opting for waterborne paint, you can lessen the chemical load in your finishing process. Organizations like the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) are recommending the switch for the automobile industry.

Possible Finishing Equipment Upgrades

If you’re going to swap waterborne paint into your finishing process, you may need to make some equipment upgrades first to comply with its application process. An excellent option is Accudraft’s Titan paint booth. Its downdraft technology works incredibly well with waterborne paint application needs. If your booth needs a little extra support, install Accudraft’s Xcelerator, a high-velocity air jet nozzle system designed to flash off waterborne coatings in half the time. And, if you haven’t already, add a mix room to your production floor. They create an excellent controlled environment for storage, and by opting to install a heater, waterborne paint can be kept above 32 degrees.

To get started upgrading your finishing equipment, contact Accudraft. Our team of sales engineers is available to walk you through waterborne paint processes.

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