Custom Paint Booth Designs 6 Industries Can Benefit From

Upgrading your facility with a paint booth is an exciting venture for your employees, operations, and business growth. New technology will allow your business to perform more efficiently and service more jobs per day. However, your process is certainly unique and needs a paint booth that is in-line with what you do. Have you considered a custom paint booth? Check out these six industries that can benefit from a custom paint booth design.

  • Automotive—Collision repair and custom paint jobs remain high in-demand for mechanic and body shops. While a generic paint booth can get the job done, your shop deserves something special. For example, outdoor paint booths are an excellent option to increase production and save on indoor facility space.
  • Industrial—Manufactures for furniture, windows, hydraulic cylinders, locomotive and automobile equipment, etc. can benefit from a custom paint booth. With unique conveyor systems, your paint booth needs to fit into the process. By working with a team of designers and engineers, you can guarantee smooth operations.
  • Train and Rail—Train and rail work need incredibly-sized paint booths to keep up with production. For example, Kinkisharyo International worked with Accudraft to design and install a 108 ft. by 24 ft. custom paint booth inside their facility. If your building doesn’t have the space, consider an outdoor paint booth.
  • Truck—Truck paint booths need to be large and account for the proportions of the trucks. Custom designs will allow for specific dimensions of the paint booth, depending on the type of trucks you service. What’s more, you’ll need to maneuver around these large vehicles for excellent finishing. Including a man lift system in your custom design will be crucial to a successful process.
  • Aerospace—Paint hangers for aircraft need to have climate, temperature, and humidity controls for an efficient finishing process. The shape and size of these booths will affect the aerospace coating results. So, the paint hanger dimensions must be determined by the size of the aircraft you service.
  • Marine—Water-borne vessels such as ships, yachts, boats, and jet skis can be serviced in a paint booth. Temperature, humidity, and exposure to compounds need to be tightly controlled. The coating manufacturer will determine these factors. However, your paint booth will need to be able to handle control changes.

Meet Accudraft’s Complete Customization Process

At Accudraft, we don’t just provide equipment, but a solution to your business operations. Our expert team of designers and engineers is here to meet your needs. Take a look at our complete customization process:

  1. Contact Accudraft: The first step is recognizing there is a fault in your production. The next is getting in touch with Accudraft.
  2. Talk to our sales engineer: Our sales engineer will be able to provide solutions for you. They’ll discuss potential designs and specifications for your paint booth.
  3. Get the engineers involved: Our engineering team will build a comprehensive budget and action plan for the next steps.
  4. Start the production: After reviews, revisions, and final approval, it’s time to start production. Our engineers will complete a full design, including drawings, various uses, and necessary specifications for your paint booth.
  5. It’s time to build: Accudraft will build and install your custom paint booth in your facility. After, we’ll continue to provide service and maintenance to your equipment.

If you’re interested in a custom paint booth for your facility, contact Accudraft to get started.

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