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How Much Electric Service Do I Need for My Paint Booth?

How Much Electric Service Do I Need for My Paint Booth?

How Much Electric Service Do I Need for My Paint Booth? Leading Paint Booth Company | Paint Booths For Sale

If this is your first time buying a paint booth, you understandably have many questions. One of the top questions our distributors get is how much electric service is needed to operate a paint booth. There are important factors that will determine how much electric service you need.

Paint Booths Require Different Loads

Your paint booth uses electric for both powering fuel and for powering your equipment. Therefore the amount of electric service you will need depends on the type of equipment you are using and its accessories.

Take for instance heated paint booths. Heated paint booths are going to need more electric service than an unheated booth or one with a much lower heat output. If you purchase our best selling ITALIA Paint Booth, you will need at most 100 Amps for moving cars.

Keep in mind that we build paint booths for vehicles of all sizes. Whether you are painting planes, trains, or automobiles we have a paint booth big enough to house it. We even offer custom-built paint booths. The larger the capacity, the more electric service you will likely need.

Talk to a Qualified Electrician

If you’ve purchased your paint booth second hand, you may not know who to contact to get specific information about your paint booth’s electric capacity. In this instance you will want to talk to a qualified electrician with experience in powering paint booths.

You not only need this information for a proper installation but you will also need it before your booth is operational. All cities and states have regulations and laws governing the operation of a paint booth. Know what laws govern your paint booth’s electric service to ensure that you are in compliance when it is time for inspection.

Hire Professional Installers

We highly advise against buying paint booths second-hand. For one thing, it’s very difficult to ensure that the booth is actually functioning without putting it together and installing it. One simple mistake assembling and installing your paint booth can result in a hazardous fire, explosion, or electrocution.

Our recommendation is to use a professional paint booth installer. A general electrician may not have the necessary skills to install a paint booth correctly. In fact, one of the questions we suggest asking when choosing a paint booth is whether or not the company offers professional installation.

Be Wary of Used Paint Booths

Many used paint booth resellers do not offer installation and some cannot even guarantee that every part is accounted for. Choosing Accudraft Paint Booths ensures that you will have a local distributor in your area that will connect you with a qualified Accudraft installer.

And because we manufacture all of our booths ourselves, you are guaranteed compliance with all standard requirements for paint booth operation no matter your city or state. We design our paint booths to exceed minimum standards.

Ask Accudraft about Electric Service for Your Paint Booth

Right now there is a local Accudraft distributor in your area with answers to all of your questions about electric service for your paint booth. Unlike some distributors who try to pass themselves off as manufacturers when they are really just resellers, you can trust our Accudraft distributors to give you the exact information you need for your paint booth.

There is a very important reason for that. We use our own distributors because we manufacture our own equipment. Our distributors know our product inside and out. They have been certified as experts in our Accudraft product lines and they have a thorough knowledge of compliance issues where you live and installation requirements.

Before you can begin operating your paint booth, it will have to be inspected by your local authorities. You don’t want a bad install to keep your shop shutdown for weeks or even months. Worse you are going to end up paying an electrician an arm and a leg to install your electric service and there is no guarantee that they will do it right.

You can easily avoid all of these hassles by talking to the best in the business first. Ask our friendly and knowledgeable Accudraft representatives about electric service for your paint booth. Just fill out our online contact form now for more information.

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