The Breakdown on a Paint Prep Station and When Your Shop May Need One

Creating a finishing system that aligns with your operations and services can take time. You may even look for ways to cut corners and save some money. When it comes to a paint prep station, you may be wondering if it’s even necessary to have it in your auto shop. However, if you don’t prep vehicles before they go into the paint booth, anything that gets botched during the spraying process creates a bottleneck. The finishing process would have to start all over again, costing more time and money. Automotive prep stations make your entire process more efficient and help eliminate the types of errors that hinder business flow.

What’s the Difference Between a Paint Prep Station and a Spray Booth?

Prep stations and spray booths are similar, however serve different purposes in the finishing process. A paint prep station is used for painting, priming, sanding, sealing, cleaning, hanging body parts, priming new parts, and final sanding and sealing of the car. By having a designated prep station, your spray booth can remain available for its actual use. A spray booth is used for just that, spraying a paint coating on an automobile. These booths need a controlled environment for better coating results.

What Role Does a Paint Prep Station Have in a Finishing Process?

Many shops tend to focus on the actual painting and finishing process, resulting in the complete overlook of vehicle setup and prep. However, before vehicles ever reach your paint booth, they should be prepped and sanded. This prep will help produce a cleaner finish by removing dust and debris before cars are sent to the paint booth. It’s also a good idea to have the exhaust fans recirculate heated or cooled air within your prep station. That way, you save energy and your utility bills from skyrocketing.

A highly efficient prep station will improve the overall function of your shop. Most stations can be configured to maximize shop speed by creating a highly organized system for moving vehicles through the line. You can also add heat controls and curtains to your prep station. With only a few additions and upgrades, you can turn a prep station into a full-service prep and painting station.

How to Add a Paint Prep Station to Your Auto Shop

With so many options and designs available, talk to a professional paint prep station manufacturer to determine what’s best for your auto shop. Accudraft is available to answer any questions you may have about improving operations by adding a paint prep station. Our prep stations can be integrated into your existing finishing system or designed into a new one. Contact us today!

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