A good downdraft paint booth can consistently provide a top-of-the-line paint job while also speeding up the spraying process. This is achieved by a design that pulls the airflow down and away from the object being painted, which prevents dust, debris, and other contaminants from affecting the paint. In a downdraft paint booth, the exhaust is located on the bottom of the booth, which reduces the changes of overspray affecting the car or object being painted.

One of the biggest advantages of using a downdraft paint booth is the boost of productivity that comes with it. While most downdraft booths don’t directly speed up the painting process, although they can with a little bit of customization, they do create a cleaner workspace that reduces error. This means that body shops and collision centers don’t have to waste valuable time repainting or performing touch-ups to completed projects.

TITAN custom downdraft paint booths

Getting the Right Downdraft Paint Booth for You

The best part about going through Accudraft to get all of your paint booth needs is the customizability. We understand that every collision center, body shop, and heavy machinery company has different needs and expectations. To suit the unique needs of each and every company, Accudraft provides a number of different downdraft paint booths for each job.

Here are some of our most popular downdraft models:

  • TITAN – the Titan is perfect spray booth for body shops that want to make the switch to downdraft technology but aren’t ready to decide whether they want to choose between solvent and waterborne paints. The Titan lets you choose between both while also delivering superior airflow and an incredibly efficient heating system.
  • ITALIA – the Italia is Accudraft’s signature model and is one of the most trusted spray booths in the automotive industry. It is designed for collision repair centers and body shops who need a spray booth that can accommodate a heavy workload in the shortest amount of time without sacrificing quality.
  • MX Series – the MX Series are perfect for businesses that want a downdraft paint booth that can be fully customized to meet their unique needs. The booth itself doesn’t come with a lot of special features like the Xcelerator and EnergySmart systems, but they can easily be added to meet the demands of any type of job.
  • Accudraft XL – insulated with dual skin, this downdraft is designed for large jobs and high productivity. It comes equipped with an efficient heating system that has been fitted with the EnergySmart VFD system that’s designed to cut back on gas and energy consumption.

Unlike some of the other paint booth manufacturers on the market, Accudraft downdraft booths are able to be modified and, in some cases, completely customized to meet the demands of every type of body shop and collision repair center.

Customers who need extra customizability can easily modify the baseline paint booth models in a number of ways:

1. Dual skin insulation

A paint booth fitted with single skin insulation will still give a high-quality paint job every time, provided the booth is cleaned and properly maintained. However, adding an extra layer of insulation comes with a several benefits. Businesses that service a number of customers throughout the week depend on maintaining a high productivity rate. Such shops will benefit the most from installing a custom downdraft paint booth with dual skin insulation. The extra layer of insulation helps lock in heat and cool air. As such, the dual skin stabilizes internal temperature and ensures that all paint dries evenly.

Another benefit that comes with adding dual skin to a downdraft paint booth is reduced energy consumption. Since dual skin helps spray booths maintain their internal temperature, the booth uses less gas and electricity to regulate the booth’s air temperature. Since customers are able to choose the exterior color of their dual skin, there’s an additional aesthetic benefit.

2. Pitless design

Downdraft paint booths have a number of advantages over different types of airflow configurations. However, their biggest limiting factor was the need for concrete pits under the booth. The expensive construction work and extended downtime that came with installation prevented many companies from switching over to downdraft booths. Fortunately, advancements in paint booth technology have made the demand for concrete pits a thing of the past.

Accudraft’s downdraft paint booths now come with the option of a pitless design. This configuration works on the same principle as traditional downdraft booths. However,  instead of extracting the air into concrete pits underneath the booth, the exhaust is located in the booth itself. Pitless booths sit on an elevated platform that acts as its own pit. Air flowing from the top of the booth is extracted through the grated floors in the same manner, except that it’s pulled into a makeshift pit that has been integrated into the actual booth. In other words, pitless downdraft booths provide all of the benefits of downdraft technology without any of the additional construction.

3. Versatility

No two work areas are the same. A paint booth configuration that works for one collision repair center may be a terrible match for another. This is why Accudraft downdraft paint booths can be modified to fit the needs and locational constraints of every workshop.

One of the best features of Accudraft’s downdraft paint booths is the ability to choose between indoor and outdoor booths. This enables companies to add a new paint booth without having to make major changes to their workshop floor. All our outdoor booths are built with the hardiest materials, so they’re completely weatherproof and protected from even the harshest elements.

Another great feature to look for when customizing downdraft paint booths is extensions. Many downdraft booths can have their length, width, and height extended at any given time. This is especially important for companies that want to expand but don’t exactly need to buy a new booth immediately.

4. Drive thru configuration

A primary reason people opt for a downdraft paint booth is because it protects automobiles from dirt, dust, and debris. An automobile’s risk of contamination increase the longer it sits incomplete outside of the spray booth. Adding a drive thru configuration makes it easier to transfer cars and parts from the prep area to the spray booth without having to worry about foreign objects contaminating the coat.

5. Improved functions

Accudraft has a lot of additional features that are designed to improve productivity and efficiency. Many of these products can be included with new paint booths or retrofitted on old ones. One of the more popular features is the Xcelerator, a paint drying system designed for waterborne paints. Adding this to the paint booth can cut production time in half and ensure that all paints are dried evenly.

Two other popular features are the Timeless Direct Drive system and the EnergySmart VFD Package. High-volume businesses can save a lot of money by adding these options to their paint booth configuration. This is achieved by cutting back on energy costs and causing the paint booth to operate more efficiently.

Finally, when it comes to must-have products for custom downddraft paint booths, the FOCUS Touchscreen control panel is essential. This high-tech device opens up a wide range of controls and preferences that the spray booth operator can adjust, creating a customized paint job with every project. Everything from energy savings features to the spray cycles can be modified with the FOCUS Touchscreen; it can even let you know when it’s time to change filters and perform other types of routine maintenance.

Get More Information on Custom Downdraft Paint Booths

Accudraft isn’t one of the most trusted and well-respected names in the industry for no reason. Our wide selection of paint booths can fit any type of job, regardless of how big or small the project is. Our popular range of downdraft paint booths come with a variety of different options, so you can mix, match, and experiment until you find the right type of booth for your job. All of Accudraft’s booths are heavy duty and designed to handle a high volume of work. You can even choose whether you want to place your paint booth indoors or install it outside. Both are durable and able to provide the same high quality level of finish.

Are you searching for a paint booth that can handle years of non-stop use? Or do you need downdraft booth that can help you reduce time between jobs? No matter what you’re looking for, Accudraft paint booths and paint booth accessories can help you meet all of your goals and deadlines. Contact an Accudraft representative today to learn more about how you can customize the perfect downdraft paint booth to meet all of your needs and expectations.