Accudraft Paint Booths in New York

No matter where you go in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut and the tri-state area you will find a body shop nearby operating an Accudraft paint booth. From Times Square to the Burroughs to Hartford, CT our paint booths have reigned supreme in the tri-state for more than 35 years.

Since 1977

Twin Towers

Our company was founded in Italy and then established here in the U.S. in Randolph, NJ back in the 70s. Now our paint booths are practically ubiquitous. When our founder Guy Pippa, himself a former body show owner, began Accudraft Paint Booths we specialized in manufacturing paint booths.

Today we have added different models, sizes, and styles of paint booths as well as a great selection of accessories and finishing systems. We sell paint mixing rooms, prep stations, aluminum repair isolation stations, and more.

Just like in the beginning all of our products are geared toward offering body shop owners and collision repair shops the best paint finish possible. All of our products are made to the highest standards, equipped with the most advanced technology, and built to make your operations faster and more efficient.

New York Market Team
Front row left to right: Guy Pippa, Paolo Moretti, and Joe Emanuele of Gem Tool who has been serving the New York market for over 25 years.

Accudraft is Global

We’ve sort of gone full circle from our beginnings as a European company. Now not only are there literally thousands of Accudraft Paint Booths operating in and around the tri-state area, but our booths can be found in several different countries abroad.

Unlike other paint booth manufacturers, our booths can be custom built to handle some of the heaviest duty operations. Many of our international customers seek us out for industrial size paint booths for their airplanes, construction equipment, and ships.

The NY Tri-State Area is Home

Even though we are based in New Jersey, we also consider the NY tri-state area home. We take pride in the success of our customers. We have customers that have been with us from the very beginning and are still finding great success with our Accudraft Paint Booths.

What we love to know is that our customers feel the same affection for our products. In upstate New York we have helped our clients solve the space issue that plagues many shops in the tri-state area. Our Accudraft Outdoor Titan downdraft paint booth allows business owners to install part of their booth operations outdoors to free up indoor space.


Outdoor Titan Accudraft downdraft paint booth
We are solving the space issue for upstate NY shop owners. Here is an example of one of our Outdoor Titan Accudraft downdraft paint booth installations in upstate NY.

For high volume shops working in and around the tri-state area you won’t find many options for a downdraft drive thru paint booth with a 4-bay heated work station. That’s why some of the biggest body shops in the area turn to Accudraft Paint Booths.

Collision Repair and Refinishing
That’s exactly what this shop needed for its upstate New York business. It’s the perfect solution for garages that offer collision repair and refinishing. They needed a solution for their high volume/short cycle repair shop and Accudraft answered the call.

A lot of our customers handle heavy duty trucks and large equipment. Those businesses need a paint booth big enough and good enough to give even the most awkward shaped piece of large equipment an even coat. For those businesses we offer our Accudraft TX truck paint booth or we can custom build a booth to specifically for you.

This Accudraft TX truck booth built for one of our New Jersey customers will be used to refinish rail cars coming into and going out of New York and New Jersey. It built with an automatic roll-up door and dual integrated hydraulic 3-axis man lifts.

We even handle service calls if your facility is located in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut tri-state area. Whether your Accudraft paint booth needs maintenance or an emergency repair, we send one of our expert technicians out to fix it fast.

Accudraft always has a solution!
This company’s paint booth’s control panel alarm began going off intermittently so they called us. It turned out that a power supply issue in the building was causing the problem not the paint booth. But our techs were able to identify the problem and the company has experienced uninterrupted service ever since.

The Root of Our Success in the NY Tri-State Area

Not all paint booth manufacturers can offer professional emergency repair services. Not many can service any and all paint booth makes and models. And none have our proprietary line of paint booth products and accessories.

One thing that you cannot imitate is quality. Certainly you could find other paint booth manufacturers in the region but you won’t find any with our long history of exceptional service and paint booth quality to the tri-state area.

We are always working to improve our services and to make our paint booths even better. That is the root of our success here in the tri-state area. It is our laser focus on quality aimed at giving our customers the tools to give their customers the absolute best paint refinishing services possible.

Come See Us at the Northeast Automotive Services Show!

Are you itching to see one of our paint booths in action? Come to the Northeast Automotive Services Show at the Meadowlands from March 18th to the 20th. We will have the largest display at the show.

If you are interested in coming, we are giving away free passes to the show. Click here to down load your free pass. It’s a $10 value and it is on us. Perhaps we’ll see you there and maybe you can join our NY tri-state family.