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What is A Raised Basement

A raised basement is a raised steel platform with drive-up ramps designed to give the user all the benefits of downdraft airflow without the added expense of digging concrete pits under the paint booth. While the basement adds material cost to the paint booth, most concrete work will cost more outright as well as the added time and project management costs. Permitting may be an issue with regard to water tables and regulations. If the building is being leased, tenants may not be allowed to saw cut concrete in their building. The raised basement option is a completely engineered piece tat produces airflow according to accudraft specs.

The Benefits of Downdraft Paint Booth Airflow

Downdraft airflow in a paint booth produces the fastest rush of air around the body of the vehicle, producing fast drying results as well as more efficient removal of overspray and the healthiest environment possible for the painter. Any contaminants are immediately drawn down and away from the painter no matter where they are standing. Airflow is not drawn across the vehicle or part, reducing the probability of dust or dirt in the job.

Fully Grated Downdraft Floor

A fully grated floor give the user greater flexibility where air is being drawn down across the entire footprint of the workspace. Any contaminants or dirt that may linger on concrete floors are not present and if anything is stirred up while the painter moves around the job (dirt on shoes or on the hose dragging on the ground etc.), it will fall through the grating and get trapped in the filter below.

Evenflo Draft Balancing System

Every raised basement comes standard with Accudraft’s Evenflo downdraft balancing system which allows the user to adjust the draft according to where the painter needs more or less airflow. Each Evenflo draft-balancing vane is attached with flexible winglets that allow the user to adjust and re-adjust the draft if needed. Other similar ideas from other manufacturers use a knockout system that can’t be corrected if the painter needs to re-adjust after a test.

Fixed Internal Ramp

Fixed external ramps are standard and can be built into the paint booth work space if the user does not have the room in front of the booth for full external ramps.

Pneumatic Internal Ramp

Pneumatically actuated ramps give all the space benefits of internal ramps while keeping the entire floor level inside the paint booth. Pneumatic torpress units lower the platform to allow vehicles to be loaded and the platform is raised back to level once the painter is ready to work. A greater level surface area allows for more work to be done faster. Stand bumpers and parts in the booth while painting the vehicle to maximize productivity.

6000, 8000, 12000 lb Reinforced Basement

Available in 6,600 lb (standard), 8,000, and 12,000 lb versions for some of today’s larger vehicles like sprinters and work trucks.

Recessed Basement

The best of both worlds; a level installation with all the performance and cleanliness benefits of a fully grated floor.