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Case Study: Climate By Design

Client Background

Founded in their very own home in 1991, Tom and Sue Peterson began the journey of what would become Climate by Design. Now 30 years later and employing over 200 people, CDI has become THE industry leader in custom air makeup units for dehumidification. CDI designs and manufactures custom desiccant dehumidifiers and critical process air handlers for numerous markets including lithium battery manufacturing, food processing, ice arenas, waste water treatment plants, pharmaceutical, automotive, rental, healthcare, aviation, and other niche markets requiring dry air climates. This equipment provides solutions for facilities and mobile temporary applications.

The Client Challenge

Climate By Design needed two booths for two very specific areas of their manufacturing process. Director of Manufacturing Operations, Patrick McDermott, said:

“We were looking to accomplish several objectives. We solved this by purchasing two paint booths. The smaller booth we are utilizing for painting components that get assembled into our products and is located at the beginning of our Productions lines. The second larger booth that we use to paint our finished product is located at the end of our Production lines. This second larger booth is large enough to handle our biggest units. Purchasing two paint booths allows us to optimize our Production flow and increase efficiency. Both Booths were also significant upgrades in lighting and ventilation allowing for improved quality and user experience.”

How Accudraft Helped

McDermott says that “Accudraft did a great job listening to our needs and specifying what we needed. Nothing less, nothing more.”

The Results

McDermott said, “It’s very simple for us. Improved Production flow, improved quality, better cycle times. We’re very satisfied.”

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