Why a Paint Booth Emergency Repair Plan is Important

When a paint booth goes down, it can cause bottlenecks, job delays, and wasted time. Even worse, if a booth is down for longer than a day, a shop can lose out on potential jobs and sales. Shops should ensure they have the best emergency service plan in place for when a problem occurs.

Maintenance vs. Emergency Service

Shops should have both a maintenance and emergency service plan in place. Maintenance plans help to prevent problems and breakdowns from occurring. They also include routine tasks that should be performed, such as overspray removal, filter replacements, and booth cleanings. Emergency service plans are to ensure a fast response time from a certified technician, in the case a booth stops working during the production day.

If you’ve never considered an emergency repair plan for your shop, read our guide below.

Common Emergency Services – Explained

Booth Doesn’t Start

When a booth doesn’t start, there is something wrong with the electrical supply to the booth. In most cases, a relay has likely been tripped and can easily be reset. However, if the relay is bad, then it needs to be replaced. Replacing a relay can be performed by an experienced technician. If a booth still doesn’t start after resetting or replacing the breaker, a paint booth service team will need to perform an inspection to determine the cause of the failure.

No Heat

There are several reasons a booth may have no heat. Most commonly, high humidity levels are causing heating issues. Condensation can fall onto the burner and cause it to burn out. In this event, the solution can be as simple as resetting the heating system.

If the booth uses indirect fire, it may need a cleaning or inspection to determine if the flame is persistent. For direct fire booths, there may be an electrical or gas issue.

Electrical Failures

Electrical failures are likely caused by damage or normal wear-and-tear. Light fixtures are commonly affected by this, as bulbs can burn out and overspray can become too thick. In some cases, control panels can have performance issues that a simple power reset can fix.

Power Surge

Power surges are often caused by thunderstorms or other severe weather conditions. It is common for issues to develop within days after inclement weather. To get ahead of problems, call for a routine inspection within two to three days after a storm to ensure equipment has not been affected by the weather.

Contact Accudraft for Emergency Paint Booth Service

Our emergency paint booth service is always available—for Accudraft and non-Accudraft systems. For an emergency repair, call 1-800-524-0340. Otherwise, contact us online to schedule booth maintenance or service.