6 Reasons IRT Curing Lamps Can Help Your Shop

IRT infrared drying equipment is extremely popular in the finishing industry. However, not many shops are equipped with them. While they may have an expensive installation cost, they are extremely beneficial to mid to large shops. IRT lamps help shops speed up their painting process and complete more jobs per day.

IRT equipment has also come a long way in the last 15-20 years with the advancement of their technology. In turn, there are many types of IRT curing lamps and set ups available that will work best for your shop, vehicle mix, and process.

Are Heat Lamps and IRT Curing Lamps Different?

IRT curing lamps are vastly different than heat lamps. Heat lamps keep the top surface warm, causing parts to bake too fast and not get proper flash times. If the top layer dries faster than the bottom layers of a coating, it can cause many paint deficiencies. IRT curing lamps dry from the inside out, rather than top to bottom.

Top Benefits of IRT Systems

  • Shorten curing times
  • Easy to use and program
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Provide more accurate curing
  • Use of sensor technology

How Do IRT Curing Lamps Work?

IRT curing lamps are made to heat and dry primers. As it flashes, it reads the surface temperature using its sensor-driven curing system. From there, it dries the coating from the inside out. This technology does not cause any solvent entrapment; instead, it works the solvents out and up to the right temperature.

The IRT systems also do not use a steady beam of heat, as older systems have. Once an IRT lamp reaches the right temperature, it lowers and increases the heat as needed to maintain the proper degree.

Types of IRT Systems

As mentioned above, there are many types of IRT systems. Handheld units are excellent for drying spot jobs and hard-to-reach areas. Mobile units are most popular, as they can be wheeled around to wherever is needed, whenever it’s needed. Rail systems are the most complex and expensive option, but they can reach just about anywhere—highs, lows, side panels, and top panels.

Rail systems are installed along the ceiling of a shop and work by sliding an adjustable arm anywhere is needed along the length of a booth or prep area. The arm can be positioned at the best angle to dry the job being completed.

How to Install an IRT System

Installing an IRT system will transform your shop into a high-production finishing facility. At Accudraft, we can make an IRT system work for any shop situation, from a small shop on a budget to a large facility with intricate needs. Reach out to Accudraft today for equipment and installation pricing.