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What You Need to Know About Smart Paint Booths

Smart paint booths are internet capable and have the ability to connect to a cloud-based software. Think of a smart watch; the software can monitor and report on the health of a booth and displays data in an easy-to-use dashboard. If your curious to learn more about smart paint booths, here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding the topic.

How Do Smart Paint Booths Work?

What makes a paint booth smart is the specialty sensors to give multiple data reading points, paired with an internet connected control panel, like the FOCUS, and a cloud-based software, like Accudraft Live. The panel reads the paint booth data and sends it to the software. From there, the dashboard can be displayed on a desktop or mobile device.

Who Can Benefit from Smart Paint Booths?

Some may think that a smart paint booth is unnecessary, and the way they do things now is good enough. But for all shop owners, Accudraft Live solves many production, business, and development issues. Now, owners and managers can see the true cost of everything and make educated decisions based on actual data. Here is a look at how Accudraft Live can help different types of finishing shops:

  • Franchisees: Franchise owners can easily compare costs and performance across all of their locations. They can look at data per paint job, booth, cycle phase, day, week, or employee. Being able to see this data can help owners understand which booth, employee, or location is higher or under performing and make needed improvements or adjustments.
  • Single Shop Owners: While shop owners only need to manage one location, it’s still crucial to monitor their technicians and performance. They need to understand the individual cost per actions, including run time and productivity. Then, they can make adjustments where needed and improve their production flow.

Both franchisees and single shop owners can also create profiles for their managers and employees and control which data they have access to.

The Importance of Data with Accudraft Live

The Accudraft Live dashboard is completely customizable, so you can receive data that is important to you. Custom notifications can be created based on defined rules, such as machine performance, uptime, sensors, electrical and thermal costs, and work phase completion. Accudraft Live also doubles as a companion app for shop employees that can integrate with other shop software. Employees can then see their performance and job data and actively monitor machine performance and uptime. With our cloud-based software, unexpected downtime can be minimized, as service alerts and monitoring will keep you up to date and on schedule with required maintenance. All of this data is securely stored in the Accudraft Cloud using data authentication and authorization protocols to protect your data.

3 Key Metrics You Should Care About

  • Hours by spray booth: Track booth maintenance intervals, filter changes, and more
  • Hours by phase: Track how long a vehicle has been in one phase or another
  • Hours by employee: Track which employees are turning work, and which aren’t

How You Can Upgrade Your Booth to a Smart Booth

As mentioned above, the paint booth itself isn’t “smart,” the control panel is. The Accudraft FOCUS can be added to any paint booth on the market and has internet capabilities, meaning it connects to the Accudraft Live software. Our technicians add sensors to the paint booth which sends data through the control panel and to your Live dashboard. Beyond viewing data, Live also has the ability for remote diagnosis and part ordering.

The team at Accudraft is always working on improving the features of Live, so it’s important to subscribe to the software now and have immediate access as new upgrades roll out. To learn more about adding Accudraft Live to your shop, contact us online.