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How to Change Ceiling Filters in a Paint Booth [Step-by-Step]

It’s not uncommon for ceiling filters to be forgotten about. Too often, we find shops that do not change their booth’s ceiling filters as often as they should. But did you know that they can be replaced within minutes by any technician? Keep reading to find out more!

Why Do Ceiling Filters Need to be Replaced?

Like any other filter, ceiling ones keep stress off a paint booth’s motors. Otherwise, the motors could become overworked, therefore decreasing their longevity and performance. When motors are forced to perform, things can start to go wrong. For example:

  • Any dirty filter will negatively affect airflow, such as changing the direction of the flow within the booth
  • Overheating and overworking motors can cause premature wear
  • Costs for baking cars can skyrocket due to the motors having to work double for the same result
  • In extreme cases with very caked ceiling filters, damage could occur to a booth’s roof

Combined, a shop could be looking at some very expensive repairs—all of which could be avoided by taking a few minutes and dollars to replace a booth’s ceiling filters.

Do All Paint Booths Have Ceiling Filters?

The short answer: no, not all paint booths have ceiling filters. It’s crucial to know what filters are in the booths at your shop. If your booth is a cross draft, then filters will only be inside the doors. However, semi down and side down draft booths will have ceiling filters.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Change Ceiling Filters in an Accudraft Paint Booth

Before changing your booth’s ceiling filters, it’s important to understand how the system works. Across Accudraft booths, our ceiling filters work on a hinge system, making it extremely easy for replacements to be completed with just one or two people. It also allows the job to be done with only a ladder and requires no additional tools. This is because the hinge system works with turn locks.

Follow our step-by-step instructions on how to change ceiling filters in an Accudraft paint booth:

  1. Quarter turn locks to the side
  2. Slight push up, then bring it down
  3. Take the filter and pull it out
  4. When putting in the new one, tuck it into the ledge on the top and bottom
  5. Then rotate the panel back up, and relock it

What to Do If Your Ceiling Filters Are Clogged

In some extreme cases, ceiling filters are clogged beyond repair, or worse—they have damaged the motors around them. If you suspect your filters may have affected your booth’s performance, call a professional service technician to inspect your booth right away. At Accudraft, we have a nationwide team that can work on any booth, even non-Accudraft ones. With our response team, we can diagnose what is wrong and determine the best way to fix the issue.

Have questions about changing your ceiling filters? Need to schedule a paint booth inspection? Call the Accudraft service team today at 1-800-524-0340 or reach out online!