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Types of Paint Booth Filters and Their Uses for Your Equipment

When operating a finishing system, it is vital to comply with necessary health and safety codes as well as equipment regulations. Unfortunately, a component that is often overlooked is paint booth filters. This costly mistake can lead to pressure issues from clogged or dirty filters, ruining the system’s consistency and longevity. 

Let’s take a look at what paint booth filters are, the different types, and their uses for a finishing system. 

What are Paint Booth Filters? 

Paint booth filters protect a finishing system’s components. They remove particulates of coatings, dust, and other debris from the environment, resulting in safer working conditions and spotless finishes. Without proper filtration, the equipment will not be persevered or perform as efficiently. There are three essential filters to any finishing equipment: air makeup, intake, and exhaust. 

Air Makeup Filters 

The air makeup unit provides pressurized air to the paint booth. For most systems, the air makeup filters are the first stop for air purification. They trap large particles before the air reaches the makeup unit. These filters come in pocket and bag, pad, and panel options. 

Intake Filters 

Intake filters are incredibly critical to the operations of a finishing system. Without them, particles would contaminate the coating. However, cross-draft and downdraft booths will require different filters. For cross-draft booths, polyester or linked panel filters are often used for internal support. In downdraft booths, a diffusion-type media pad is used to achieve a uniform airflow. 

Exhaust Filters 

Unlike the intake filters that ensure pure air is going into the booth, exhaust filters work to have clean air leaving the cabin. Their job is especially vital for two reasons. First, they ensure the space is environmentally safe. Second, they keep harmful chemicals from being within the airflow of the booth. Exhaust filters must be in proper condition to maintain the health and safety of technicians and the integrity of coatings. 

Installing, Maintenance, and Repairs 

Installing the correct filters will rely on the type of airflow the booth has. Once your finishing system is equipped with the proper filtration, maintenance is the next crucial factor. A regular schedule to examine and replace filters is necessary to ensure top performance and health conditions; it may also be required under air quality regulations, such as OSHA and EPA. What’s more, by conducting routine maintenance, costly repairs can be avoided. 

For paint booth filter needs, contact Accudraft. We’re here for you every step of the way, from installation to maintenance to repairs. Our services are always available, and we can ship filters directly to your shop.