3 Reasons to Up Your Classic Car Restoration Game

Is there anything more satisfying than restoring a classic car to its original condition—or customizing it to fulfill the owners desired vision? From engine swaps to unique paint jobs to interior repairs, rebuilding is what drives an auto shop’s passion. However, when it comes to detailing, operations may get tricky if your equipment is out of date. We’re here to share three reasons why you should up your classic car restoration garage! 

1. Handle More Types of Jobs 

Beyond restoring class cars, your auto shop may provide additional services for collision or minor repair. By upgrading your finishing equipment, your shop will be able to handle a versatile portfolio of clients—from building hot rods to repairing day-to-day cars. Now, your technicians can have a more streamlined transition from bodywork to paint jobs. Your shop will be better equipped to handle the workload, and overall performance will significantly increase. 

2. Get More Precise Color Matches 

The overall appearance of a classic car must match the glorious mechanics under the hood. As classic cars come in a range of colors, from cherry reds to ocean blues, your shop must be able to match colors perfectly. By opting to install a mixing room, your technicians will have a safer work area to mix and match paints, shielded from dangerous chemicals in a controlled environment. A mixing room is also optimal for storing color documentation tools, washing guns, and keeping hazardous materials contained. 

3. Shorten Paint Coating Drying Times 

Some finishing equipment companies may offer remedies to shorten paint coating drying times. However, if you’re using waterborne paints, nothing will compare to Accudraft’s Xcelerator. The Xcelerator is a high-velocity air jet nozzle system designed to flash off waterborne coatings in half the time. This upgrade can be installed into an existing spray booth with ease, making your equipment a high-performing machine! With the support of the Xcelerator, your shop will be able to handle more clients. 

How Accudraft Can Help Your Classic Car Restoration Garage 

At Accudraft, we know that every auto shop is unique, especially one that handles the delicacy of classic cars. We always evaluate your shop’s current system, clients, strengths, and shortcomings to present the best options for finishing equipment or upgrades. Together, we can identify areas of weakness in your operations and strategize how to enhance your restorations. Get in touch with Accudraft to discuss how you can improve your classic car garage!