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New Italia at MidSouth LED Exceeds Growing Demand

MidSouth LED, located in Mason, TN, has nearly a decade of experience serving their local community. What started as a small lighting business has flourished into a multi-service shop. They currently specialize in LED retrofits for all different lighting applications, including headlights, mirrors, and door handles, as well as color-matching options for automotive customers.

To help lower production costs while increasing efficiency and quality, owner Dylan Woods decided to move their painting in-house. He got in touch with an Accudraft representative to discuss his shop’s history and needs. Ultimately, Woods decided to install an Italia booth in Grigio Grey and upgraded Vetrino doors. While they primarily service pickup trucks and large SUVs, they are actually only refinishing small parts of these vehicles. He felt this setup would help keep up with their growing workload and customer demand.

The booth itself is 24’x13.4’x11.6’ and includes all LED lighting, a direct drive, a 10hp motor, and 14K CFM. The doors of the booth also open to their outside lot, making it easy to move parts out of the cabin and into other parts of the shop or back onto the cars. Watch their full install story in our YouTube video below:

Need Help Keeping Up with Customer Demand?

Whether your customer demand is increasing, or your current equipment is starting to underperform, Accudraft is here to help. Here are our top recommendations for keeping your shop high performing this year.

  • My Customer Demand is Increasing: When shops start to receive more job requests than they can complete per day or week, it’s time to reevaluate the current refinishing system. Sometimes, the answer is retrofitting the current equipment while other times it makes more sense to install an additional booth. Thankfully, shop owners don’t have to make this decision alone; an Accudraft representative can help discuss your current needs and the best course of action.
  • My Current Equipment is Underperforming: While our booths are built to last, there are many factors that could result in an underwhelming performance. Most of the time, we see underperformance due to lack of proper care and maintenance. The best way to course-correct your booth’s life expectancy is to schedule a booth inspection.

What’s Included in a Paint Booth Inspection?

Accudraft can perform inspections on any paint booth model—even from other manufactures. Our trained team will test and evaluate your equipment for any flaws or performance errors, then share a comprehensive report for your records. In a typical inspection, we look at the exhaust and intake filters, the fans and belts, all electrical and lighting components, any seals and ductworks, and the airflow and air makeup unit quality.

At the end of the inspection, our technician will provide a detailed report of all recommendations, including, but not limited to: any wear and tear items that should be replaced within a certain time period, parts that could cause a problem in the future, upgrades to any outdated parts, and accessories that could help increase performance.

If you’re ready to schedule a booth inspection or install a new paint booth, contact Accudraft online