Since 1977, we have worked hard to build our reputation in the automotive and truck industry. Over this time, our company has spread to several markets across the western hemisphere and have established ourselves as the leading paint booth supplier for custom shops and collision centers around the world. Known for our superior quality, optimum performance, and efficient production times, we have helped revolutionize the way businesses paint and repair cars, making them perfect for any type of job – regardless of how big or small the project is.

But we at Accudraft are more than just a company that develops paint booths for cars and trucks. We also create a range of prep and sanding areas, mixing stations, and custom-built paint booths for every kind of industry. From industrial equipment and heavy machinery to boats and aircraft, our paint booths are able to provide superior quality and quicker paint and bake times than our competitors.

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Everything You Wanted from a Paint Booth and More

When companies choose Accudraft for all of their prep and painting needs, they get more than just a paint booth – they’re beginning a professional relationship with a company that puts their needs first. Our professionals at Accudraft assess every situation differently, based on the needs and expectations of the client, in order to come up with the right equipment for them. And if we don’t already have a paint booth that fulfills our clients’ needs, we will create a custom-built one specifically with the client in mind.

A good example of this is the PRO Series paint booths used by Zamperla, multi-national amusement park company that manufactures equipment and operates theme parks in New York City and other locations across the world. When asked by Zamperla to help them increase productivity and improve the quality of their products, we came up with custom-built equipment designed specifically for their unique needs.

Zamperla wasn’t the first time that Accudraft helped a company come up with an outside-the-box solution that solves their productivity problems. For the Los Angeles Metro Rail Project, we assisted with the mass production of railcars for the brand new railway station in Palmdale, California. Despite being one of their biggest and most challenging projects to date, we were able to help our client meet all of their production goals by building a custom paint booth complex equipped with 110’ booths for prepping, painting, and drying.

Accudraft Gives Clients a Truly Personalized Experience

We give all of their clients the same hands-on assistance, regardless of how big or small the projects are. We assist all of our clients by assessing their needs, installing equipment, and performing routine maintenance on all Accudraft units.

One of the biggest benefits of working with us is the superior technology and craftsmanship that comes with every paint booth unit. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a booth to spray industrial equipment or you need something for your automotive collision center, Accudraft has got the right equipment for you.

Here are some of the optional features that make our products stand apart from the rest:

Downdraft Technology: Most Accudraft paint booths have the option for downdraft airflow. This type of airflow configuration helps improve the quality and efficiency of every paint cycle by reducing the likelihood of contamination and imperfections.

Open Face Booths: Some companies paint a variety of objects that vary in shape and size, which means that they need more flexibility with their paint booth dimensions. For these types of projects, open face paint booths can help accommodate their needs without sacrificing additional floor space.

Crane and Conveyor Booth Configurations: Companies that need maximum productivity when painting their industrial equipment can benefit from crane and conveyor systems that hoist, paint, and transport objects along an assembly line. This type of system can be modified to suit the needs of the client depending on the size of their painted objects, as well as their available floor space.

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We can help you find the perfect configuration that helps you get exactly what you need to maximize productivity and efficiency with minimal downtime. With a number of paint booths designed specifically for industrial, automotive, marine, and aerospace equipment, along with a range of fully customized paint booths that accommodate everything else, Accudraft has exactly what you’re looking for to help you take your business to the next level.

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