Paint Booths for Sale Texas

Paint Booths for Sale in Texas

In a state where there are nearly a quarter of a million people working in the aviation industry, there is a huge need for paint booths large enough and effective enough to provide precision paint finishes. Importantly, there are local, state, and federal laws and regulations that govern how you use paint booths. When it…

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Your Success is Accudraft's Success

Your Success is Accudraft’s Success

“I just wanted to thank you and your crew for doing an outstanding job installing one of the best looking paint booths around. The quality of Accudraft is even better than I thought it would be. Our production has almost doubled with these new booths. The room, lighting, airflow, control panels etc. —everything works great!…

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Do You Need a Mixing Room-

Do You Need a Mixing Room?

Adding a mixing room to your paint booth operation is more than just a safety precaution; it makes your shop run much more efficiently. It is an often overlooked part of the spray painting process. Moreover, many shops are required to have a mixing room on-site. Why You Need a Mixing Room The value of…

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Custom Downdraft Paint Booths

Optimize Your Shop with Custom Downdraft Paint Booths

A good downdraft paint booth can consistently provide a top-of-the-line paint job while also speeding up the spraying process. This is achieved by a design that pulls the airflow down and away from the object being painted, which prevents dust, debris, and other contaminants from affecting the paint. In a downdraft paint booth, the exhaust…

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5 things to look for in a premier truck paint booth

5 Important Things to Look for in a Premier Truck Paint Booth

Businesses that specialize in painting large automobiles like semi-trucks, buses, and rail cars have different needs and expectations than your average body shop or collision center. For this reason, Accudraft offers a wide range of fully customizable paint booths designed to accommodate those extra-large projects. When it comes to painting large equipment, there is no…

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Accudraft Mixing Room

Everything You Need to Know About Buying and Maintaining Your Paint Booth Mixing Room

Are you new to paint booths? Adding an Accudraft paint booth to your workshop is a great way to attract customers, boost productivity, and ensure that you always finish the job with a level of excellence that sets you apart from body shops and collision repair centers. With that said, part of successfully operating a…

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What to Know About Becoming a Paint Booth Distributor

If you’re looking for a professional change of pace and you’re familiar with paint booth technology and how spray booths work, you may want to think about becoming a distributor. Working as a distributor is perfect for professionals who value independence in the workplace. Because distributors aren’t actual employees of Accudraft Paint Booths, they’re awarded…

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choosing correct filters for your paint booth

The Definitive Guide to Selecting the Correct Filters for Your Paint Booth

Two of the most important components of successfully running a paint booth are efficiency and quality. Being able to get the most out of your paint booth is key for body shops and collision centers, as they’re expected to complete projects quickly while providing a consistently excellent product. Maintenance is a huge part of determining…

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TITAN Downdraft Paint Booth Overview

TITAN Downdraft Paint Booth: A Premium Downdraft Paint Booth Overview

Do you need a high powered paint booth that is able to keep up with your body shop’s high demand? The TITAN may be the right paint booth for you. This large paint booth is designed to boost the productivity of body shops that handle a large number of cars and trucks while also cutting…

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4 Reasons You Need a MiniFL Open Face Spray Booth

4 Reasons Why You Need a MiniFL Parts Open Face Spray Booth

Are you a body shop owner who’s looking to install a spray booth that’s compact and easy to use? The MiniFL parts spray booth could be just what you need to take your productivity to the next level. This open face spray booth can be custom built to suit your specific needs and is perfect…

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