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Accudraft has launched a new training facility to help our team members better serve our customers, our partners, and our employees. This training facility is designed to bring people together, providing continuing education for our current employees as well as introducing our system to potential new partners. These training programs are geared towards sales reps and distributors, but we would also like to invite any interested suppliers to come and see what our team at Accudraft has to offer.

Accudraft Training Center Now Open


What are the benefits of training with Accudraft?

Anyone involved in the industry knows that having a good network is the key to success. Joining the Accudraft team can be a great way to expand your network and increase your customer base. Our network of tech professionals and distributors spans the entire United States, ensuring that you have contacts anywhere you might need them. This can be a huge help whether you need a quick delivery for a product or some advice about a sticky situation from a more experienced distributor.

We would like to invite anyone that is interested to take part in our training program. Salespeople and representatives, paint suppliers, installers, and distributors are all invited to attend these in person training programs. We have a lot of material to cover, but our new training facility has given us the space and resources to make sure that we are able to provide valuable training to all of our partners.

What is covered during training?

Our team at Accudraft works with a wide range of people performing a wide range of skills. As you can imagine, each of our partners will need specialized training that will cater to their individual role in the company. In addition to the general curriculum, we also offer specialized classes that are geared towards painters, installers, distributors, and salespeople. Our most popular sessions include sales training classes and tech training classes, but we are happy to work with everyone to come up with a training plan that will complement your individual role in the company as well as your existing skill set.

In addition to learning new skills and expanding your repertoire, you will also be able to grow your network during these training seminars. Meeting new people is the best way to learn what else is out there, getting an idea of what your competitors and suppliers have been working on recently.

We want these sessions to be informative for everyone, so we would also like to invite our suppliers to attend. Paint suppliers are invited to set up a booth at the training facility. Here, they will be able to invite current or potential customers to stop by and see what they have to offer. This is a great opportunity for suppliers to demonstrate their newest products for a large audience..

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in becoming a distributor for Accudraft, please contact our team today. We are always looking to grow our network and this new training program is a great way for interested distributors to get a taste of all the programs and workshops available through Accudraft.

The distributors section of our website is full of information that can help you to grow your business and grow your client list. Having the support of a large, well known company such as Accudraft can help smaller distributors and suppliers make a name for themselves and become a respected part of their community.

Where is the training held?

Any interested distributors, representatives, and installers should make plans to attend one of our training sessions. Most of our training programs are completed over a 2 day period and these training sessions are available throughout the year. The classes are held in Randolph, NJ, just a short drive from the Newark Liberty International Airport. Those interested in attending should contact us for the list of upcoming dates. Then, you can begin to plan your trip to our new training facility. Please note that we do not offer online training. You will need to attend classes in person if you are interested in taking advantage of these sessions.

Start Your Accudraft Training Today

To learn more about the training programs offered at the new Accudraft training facility, contact one of our educated team members. We are happy to discuss with you the benefits of this training program and help you to decide which session is the best fit for you and your company.