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How Big is a Paint Booth: Standard vs. Custom Sizes

Paint booths come in all shapes and sizes, and size certainly matters when it comes to pairing the right booth to a body shop. There are distinctive sectors within the refinishing industry—including automotive, industrial, aerospace, and marine—that require uniquely designed paint booths. While many manufacturers, such as Accudraft, have standard models that fit within these industry requirements, many shops end up needing custom sizes to fit the specific vehicles or products that they will be painting. There are also many cases where a facility may need a paint booth without ever planning to use it for painting–but more on that later!

So, just how big is a paint booth? Let’s break down the difference between standard and custom sizes across all industries.

Standard Paint Booth Sizes

While sizing will vary by manufacturer, Accudraft has carefully designed every booth model to cater for the specific needs of its intended industry. For example, in recent years, we’ve given a makeover to our high-performing and high-selling standard automotive booth, the Italia. The standard Italia has a starting interior dimension of 23’ 8” long x 13’ wide x 9’ high and an exterior of 24’ long x 13’ 4 ¼” wide x 11’ 6” high. However, once we’ve noticed a frequency of requests for a taller paint booth, we redesigned our Italia into an Alto version. The Alto comes in at an internal dimension of 17’ 6” long x 14’ 4 ½” wide x 11’ 11 ¾” high and an exterior of 28 long x 14’ 4 ½” wide x 14’ 3” high—essentially boosting its standard companion with a 12” interior cabin height, making it ideal for refinishing large SUVs, pickup trucks, and commercial vans.

Now let’s look at a standard truck paint booth. These booths start at an interior dimension of 30’ 4” long x 12’ 4” wide x 12’ height and an exterior of 30’ 4” long x 15’ 4” wide x 14’ 6” height. However, these specs don’t include the additional space needed for the AMU setup and exhaust stacks. Depending on what type of airflow configuration is chosen, the placement of these add-ons can vary.

Where to Buy a Standard Sized Paint Booth

At Accudraft, we have standard paint booths available for immediate delivery—no customizations required. With a manufacturing facility located within the United States, we’re able to provide fast shipping to shops nationwide. Check out our website to browse all available in stock units.

Custom Paint Booth Sizes

While there are plenty of circumstances when a standard sized paint booth would fit best for a shop, more often than not a custom booth is required. Custom booths are best for uniquely sized buildings or vehicle mixes—sometimes both. With a full-time staff of engineers and installers, Accudraft has decades of experience creating and installing the most complex finishing systems. Take a look at some of our top custom installs from recent years.

Ford F150 Plant

Ford reached out to Accudraft to help fill a gap they were experiencing in their own manufacturing process. Rather than needing a booth for spraying, they actually had trouble with moisture on parts being delivered to the plant. We set them up with a retrofitted TX model to perform as a giant oven—with 3 AMUs on top of 3 actual Big Ass Fans for incredible air movement. Now, they can dry out the F150 frames from delivery before moving to the production line.

Indasa Abrasives

Indasa Abrasives, who has traditionally specialized in abrasives, sandpapers, and tapes, has now expanded their business into manufacturing a little bit of everything. Added to their products included various sanders, polishers, sealants, adhesives, coatings, and more. They reached out to Accudraft to help launch their training program, including a fully-functioning paint booth. We ended up installing a grey SS Space Saver with full vetrino doors and observation glass.

Hacker Craft Boats

Hacker Craft has been engineering and manufacturing boats since 1908. When it came time to install a new paint booth in their shop, they went with Accudraft. We decided on a Pro Series TX model that was designed to fit every size of boat that came through their shop. They also needed specific air speeds for their painting process, as some boats required spraying while others needed to be hand-painted. For this reason, we set them up with a SMART Pad control system that has two programmable settings pre-set for their exact applications.

In Need of a Custom Paint Booth?

Accudraft is here to help! Reach out to us online or via social media to let us know what you’re looking for. Our team can help you determine what booth is right for your shop, and what customizations would be needed to ensure the perfect fit.