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Increase Paint Booth Performance with These 5 Tips

Every business owner looks for ways to improve their company at the start of the new year. Improving workflow and production times is a lot more achievable after making a few upgrades to your finishing system and operations. Here are our best tips to increase paint booth performance in 2023.

#1: Invest in Maintenance Plans

Maintenance plans are one of the smartest investments a shop could make. Just like a car needs an oil change, a paint booth needs routine care, otherwise it runs the risk of its “engine” shutting down. In a paint booth, the engine is all the mechanical parts that keep it running. For example, if filters aren’t regularly replaced before they become clogged and dirty, dust and other contaminants with fill the air during painting. Or if overspray isn’t cleaned up before it becomes excessive, exhaust fans can decrease performance or blow out completely.

All of these issues could lead to very expensive and time-consuming repairs, causing a long downtime in your shop. However, these issues could also be prevented by scheduling routine maintenance from your paint booth manufacturer—which is much less time-consuming and costly.

#2: Schedule Regular Booth Service

Regular service is crucial to keep a paint booth high-performing. Unlike maintenance plans, which replace commonly worn parts, service is necessary when there is a persistent problem or broken part. Of course, these things can never be predicted, which is why an annual inspection is necessary to stay on top of all working parts within a paint booth.

An inspection will go much deeper than normal maintenance and look at every last component of your finishing system. At the end, you’ll receive a detailed report outlining all that was completed, as well as recommendations to keep your paint booth as healthy as possible.

#3: Be Ready for Emergency Repairs

Emergency repairs are unexpected and alarming, but do not always need to cause a panic. A well-prepared shop knows exactly what to do when a major problem occurs, such as a booth shutting down. Knowing who to call is the first step to solving any emergency repair. Accudraft has a national service team and works quickly to either send a technician out or provide help over the phone.

#4: Consider Booth Upgrades

If you’re serious about improving the performance of your paint booth this year, you must consider upgrading your equipment. Often, upgrades are not that costly and are quick to install. Here are a few that are sure to improve your shop’s performance:

  • The Xcelerator: A waterborne paint drying system equipped with 32 adjustable eyeball nozzles directing fast-moving 5-micron rated air at the job being painted to cut base coat dry times in half
  • The FOCUS: A touchscreen control panel that allows the user to configure up to five separate programs, each set to your preferences or according to a coating manufacturer’s recommendations
  • The IRT Hyperion: A rail mounted drying system equipped with an adjustable arm designed to reach high and low, even hard-to-reach areas on the job
  • Accudraft Live: A mobile-friendly, cloud-based solution for monitoring your paint booth’s performance, costs, and technical metrics

#5: Stock Up on Parts and Filters

One of the best things your shop can do is stock up on commonly replaced parts and filters. When something small goes out, like a light bulb, or if it’s been a few months since a filter was replaced, any painter in the shop should be able to replace it within minutes. However, even in a post-Covid world, many parts are difficult to come by or require long shipping times. For this reason, it’s important to always have these items available in your shop and manage their inventory .

For maintenance or service help, or to inquire about a finishing system upgrade, reach out to Accudraft today! We’re available by online contact or through social media.