Although our Accudraft Paint Booths are built to last longer than any other paint booth on the market, without regular maintenance, even your Accudraft Paint Booth can break down. One of the service problems that we see a lot has to do with your paint booth burners.

Spending the extra money needed to purchase regular maintenance for your paint booth can save you tens of thousands of dollars later on down the road. Plus, without proper maintenance, you’re losing the benefit of a full functioning paint booth and sooner or later a minor problem is going to turn into a big one.

Unlike regular filter maintenance, burners usually only require annual or semi-annual inspections and most times, only a minor adjustment will be needed. Unattended to on the other hand, a broken down burner can create toxic levels of fumes due to airflow blockage or malfunction. Here are the 5 signs that your burner may need service.

Accudradt Paint Booth Burner Service

How to Know When a Paint Booth Burner Needs Service

If your burner goes down, so will your paint booth. On average, you’re looking to lose close to $300 per vehicle per day. Filters are easy to change and are most obviously in need of regular maintenance. Your burners are easy to forget about until something goes wrong. If something has gone wrong, it will likely be one of these 5 things affecting your paint booth.

#1: Gas Smell in the Booth and or Shop: If you smell gas, stop operating the paint booth immediately and call for emergency repair service.

#2: Painters Complaining of Burning Eyes or Headaches: If your workers are experiencing these symptoms, chances are they have been inhaling toxic fumes due to a malfunctioning burner.

#3: Inconsistent Booth Temperatures: If your paint booth is not heating up consistently (not as hot as you have it set or hotter than you have it set) there’s probably something wrong with your burner.

#4: Having to Reset Burner Controls: If you have to repeatedly reset your burner controls, it is not functioning correctly and should be checked as soon as possible.

#5: No Heat in the Booth: If you are getting no heat inside of your paint booth, there is definitely something wrong with your burner.

Whatever money you may think you are saving on regular maintenance fees is going to be swallowed up by an emergency repair bill. Depending on the type of paint booth you have, you may not even have the option of emergency repair and so your booth is down and profits halted until you can get someone out. Then, there is no guarantee that they’re going to do a good job repairing the problem if they aren’t specifically paint booth repair technicians.

Our Recommended Burner Services

Typical booth maintenance from Accudraft includes a 16 point tune-up by expert paint booth service technicians. By investing in this type of maintenance, you can get ahead of any future problems. Your technician will be able to tell if your burner is functioning properly or if it has a chance to cause future problems.

For burners, we will do a full check to identify the specific problem. Based on our experience, your paint booth burner will likely need one of these repair or maintenance services:

  • Clean or replace the pilot assembly
  • Clean or replace the main burner
  • Adjust the combustion air
  • Check and or adjust the airflow from the main fans
  • Check and or adjust ceiling filters and pre-filters
  • Check and or repair incoming gas supply or pressure

If you suspect that your burner may be on the fritz but you don’t have a regular maintenance plan, we offer emergency repair service. We have distributors throughout the country and an army of technicians able to service your paint booth, even if it isn’t an Accudraft Paint Booth.

Have an Accudraft Paint Booth but no maintenance plan in place? Give us a call today.

Don’t lose precious work hours and profits because of a downed paint booth. Prevent problems before they cost you money with an Accudraft Custom Maintenance Plan. We tailor your plan to your shop’s needs. Contact one of our plan specialists today.