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Case Study: CSG Auto

Client Background

Located on Upper River Road in Gallipolis, Ohio, the crew at CSG Auto has built their reputation by putting the customer first. They are a non-DRP shop focusing on OEM repair procedures, doing roughly 60/40 restoration and collision work, and they have grown year by year by choosing quality over quantity. Alex Stapleton, owner of CSG, has a long family history of working on cars and wanted to provide the best service he could.

The Client Challenge

CSG recently moved out of their 3000sq ft shop and expanded into a shop over 5x the size of where they were, moving into a 16,000 sq ft facility. To them, with the expansion, it was time to start investing in more equipment to keep up with the demand of the shop. They wanted something that could produce quality paint work, clean work, and be reliable. Also, they needed a booth that didn’t require cutting the concrete in the new facility. All together they were looking for the best value for the dollar, better than others in the industry, and they got referred to Accudraft.

How Accudraft Helped

Accudraft came up with solution to work with all that they needed and more. With the ability to paint high end restoration, collision, lifted vehicles, and Transit style vans, Accudraft built a system wrapped everything into one booth. CSG got a custom built Titan booth with the height of one of our Alto booth’s, but setup as a semi-down draft.

The Results

After having the shop expansion up and running with the booth for 2 months, they love the finishes that are produced. Being able to keep clean finishes helps minimize polish time, and keep up with production numbers. After the expansion, the parking lot at CSG is already packed, which is a great sign of things to come and a badge of honor for a shop that focuses on quality #1. The Titan booth they got is ready to keep cars rolling through for many years to come.

208 Upper River Road
Gallipolis, OH 45631