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Case Study: Concours Collective

Client Background

It’s been a lifetime goal for brothers Alex and Jason McDonald to realize their dream of opening their own shop. As longtime car guys, it was something both had wanted since they were kids. Alex and Jason both have always wanted a place to work on high-end, high-performance cars, making others’ dreams also become a reality.

While they work on a lot of different vehicles doing restoration, they specialize in dealing with Porsche. The brothers each have their skills they bring to the business. Jason, a long time autobody professional, runs the body and paint shops while Alex makes sure the shop runs efficiently and helps with the mechanical and technical side of things. They both have been working on cars since they were kids and took auto tech and auto body throughout high school—so they have been doing this for quite some time.

The Client Challenge

When time came to open a shop, Alex’s previous employer and mentor Gordon Friedman, owner of Autometrics, came to light. Gordon was already looking to build a body shop on his property and the timing was perfect.

How Accudraft Helped

Jason, Alex, and Gordon all went to the 2021 SEMA Show looking to get information on all the newest booths on the market. From pricing, service after the sale, and just listening to their needs, they felt Accudraft fit best. Accudraft is an annual attender of the SEMA Show and always has a booth setup at the convention. After discussing with our sales team, the Concours Collective team chose a TITAN booth with matching mixing room.

The Results

Painter Jason McDonald says, “Honestly, we couldn’t be happier with it. I’ve used my fair share of booths, and this is by far, without question, the best. I love the lighting it provides to help ensure a quality paint job. As you know, dust is inevitable but with the filter system it has along with the air flow it provides, it makes it much less of a hassle or problem to deal with during the final stages and finished product.”

Jason goes on to say, “Also, I love that the controls are simple and specific which make it easy to use. The less time messing around with buttons and switches, means the more time I have in the booth. With what we do, the smooth transition with no threshold at door opening was also a key choice in this paint booth.”

Jason concludes with, “The tech support is wonderfully knowledgeable and came out to us promptly when we did have a small issue. We just had a wire short so nothing too drastic. Overall, we are extremely pleased with the Accudraft paint booth. Body and paint work is truly an art, and it takes a lot of passion and hard work and dedication. So, when you have the proper tools—aka an Accudraft booth—it takes some of that stress and worry away. It allows the artist to focus on what he does and knows best, which makes an already hard job a little easier.”