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Case Study: Collision Pro

Client Background

Steve Dickinson has spent 20 years in the collision world. Originally his shop was started as a mobile, on-site business. Eventually through a lot of hardwork and networking, he grew so much that he no choice but to open his first shop, Touch-Up Pro. Opened in 2016, it was a small 3 bay shop with 1 booth that he was able to keep growing from his mobile days, offering smaller spot repairs. Eventually word had grown and more people were asking about larger repairs and paint work. This prompted Steve to open his 2nd shop (Collision Pro) in March of 2022, focusing on insurance work. The new shop for Collision pro is around 4x the square footage of his other shop which gives him plenty of room to grow and upgrade. His first location (Touch-Up Pro) is still open for wholesale and customer pay work.

The Client Challenge

Price point was first. Going from a smaller shop to this much larger one, he needed something that was going to be able to move cars through, but not break the bank. He wanted a booth with a company that would stand behind it and help in troubleshooting if anything went wrong. One thing he was set on was a downdraft with a lot of CFM, but he didn’t want to cut the concrete. Also, Steve didn’t want to use added blowers in corners or on walls. He wanted the booth to be able to handle the needs of the paint and all air cfm to come from booth.

How Accudraft Helped

Mr Dickinson was shown a raised pit Titan, which can move a massive 20,000 cfm of air. Which by itself eliminates the need for added blowers on the walls and can keep up with the flow of cars going through the shop. Having the raised pit, allowed for all of the benefits of the Titan downdraft, without having to cut the concrete, like he requested. The FOCUS touch screen controller was also installed, which is connected to the internet for updates as well as the ability for remote diagnosing of any problem which may arise.

The Results

Mr Dickinson is, “extremely happy and already looking to add a 2nd booth.” He likes being able to keep vehicles flowing through the shop and produce clean, factory paintwork that requires “extremely minimal buffing.” He also states, “It is the best investment to be made for paint department. Absolutely turned a bottleneck into an advantage.”


Steve Dickinson
Collision Pro
1455 McCain Parkway
Pelham, AL

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