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The Largest Paint Booth Installation Project by Accudraft

Over the last 40+ years, Accudraft has completed some large projects—both in quantity and size. As we continue to engineer our paint booths to fit the ever-evolving needs of the automatic, truck, rail, marine, and aerospace industries, we’ve been able to serve a multitude of clientele. From local, standalone shops to huge, national facilities, our stock and custom paint booths continue to exceed performance expectations across the country. While we do offer ready-to-ship stock models, many shop owners inquire about custom sizing or setups. Our engineers are always up for the challenge of meeting a customer’s unique needs.

So, what are the largest paint booths we manufacture? That award would go to the aerospace industry! While there are several boat and rail projects that come close, aerospace projects tend to have very specific (and large) size and setup requirements.

Military-Grade Aerospace Paint Booths

Military-Grade Aerospace Paint Booths

Accudraft has custom-manufactured several large paint booths for the United States military. A recent install project (pictured above) had extremely particular requirements that needed to be completed in a timely manner. We first had to configure our standard aerospace paint booth to fit the size of the specific aircraft that military base utilized. During this process, we ensured there was enough clearance above and on the side of the aircraft to make spraying coatings incredibly easy. We also swapped the hinged doors to our roll-up style to accommodate the facility’s layout. Then, when it came to the finishing system as a total some, we installed custom filtration and intake and exhaust setups, all to their specs.

What Makes an Aerospace Paint Booth Different?

  • Temperature, humidity, and exposure to compounds in certain aerospace coatings must be tightly controlled.
  • Some aerospace coatings require an entirely separate hanger for painting aircraft parts or an entire aircraft.
  • The interior of an aircraft paint booth must conform to the shape and size of the aircraft being painted inside.
  • Hoses, reels, electricity, air, and water must be strategically installed close to where the painter will be working.
  • Curtains may be needed to divide and isolate areas from one another, such as prepping parts, substrates, or spraying aircraft coatings.

How to Manage a Large Paint Booth Install

For these large paint booth projects, we know it can be overwhelming to manage several different booths, control panels, air makeup units, and filtration systems. Especially in a large facility, it can be a timely task to check each piece of equipment individually. To better monitor the performance of aerospace paint booths, we encourage facility managers to install Accudraft Live. Accudraft LIVE is our mobile-friendly, cloud-based solution for monitoring your paint booth’s performance, costs, and technical metrics. It provides the ability to monitor booth status and utility costs per job and sends alerts for alarms or malfunctions.

To learn more about our aerospace paint booths or Accudraft Live, contact us online.