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Unique Ways a Paint Booth Can Be Used—That’s Not Painting

A paint booth, in its simplest definition, is an environment designed for painting; clean air goes in, and dirty air goes out. Most paint booths are used for spraying automotive, aerospace, train, rail, and marine parts. However, there are some non-traditional uses for a paint booth outside of their intended use. As a finishing systems manufacturer for over 40 years, Accudraft has seen and heard it all. Here are the top unique ways a paint booth can be used—that’s not for painting!

Paint Booths and the Cannabis Industry

As more states begin to legalize recreational cannabis, dispensaries have found themselves with the need to legitimize their production process and replicate it on a large scale. While the real estate industry expected this boom in commercial spaces, the finishing industry certainly didn’t expect their products to be used for cannabis production. However, when the call came, Accudraft answered! Cannabis warehouses need exactly what a paint booth is, without needing to do any painting inside of it. They needed a clean room with massive amounts of air movement to remove fumes and maintain a healthy environment.

Modified Booths for the Automotive Industry

Of course, when someone thinks of a paint booth, they think of refinishing and touching up cars. However, there are some uses for a booth that are not for painting. While a paint booth does move air in and out, it also has powerful fans and air makeup units (AMUs) that can be quite beneficial to the niche shop. For example, the Ford Lightning Facility needed a modified TX booth with big fans to produce turbulent air with three different AMUs to increase the amount of air going through the booth. No, they didn’t need it to paint any new Fords, but to dry the frames of F150s after production. The booth acted as a drying room before moving the frames further down their assembly line. See the shop and our booth in action in the video below!

Additional Non-Painting Uses for a Paint Booth

What both of the above have in common is that they took one particular element of a paint booth and used the entire space for that reason. Accudraft offers a huge product line from paint booths to mix rooms to prep stations that can all be altered to fit the very specific needs of any niche shop. For example, we get requests for our products to be used as sanding areas, clean rooms, grinding areas, transition areas, changing rooms, and drying rooms. With a few tweaks, adjustments, and modifications, our equipment is ready to go!

Other Uncommon Industries That Use Paint Booths

  • Wood Finishing: Many furniture and cabinet manufacturers need paint booths to be part of a larger finishing system or production line.
  • Boating: While there are traditional uses of paint booths within the marine industry, many booths are also used for refinishing outboarding motors.
  • Packaging: Packaging companies can utilize paint booths and finishing systems during production to move their products from step to step.
  • Amusement Parks: Ever wonder how those rides at a county fair got to be so colorful? The amusement parks use a paint booth to spray their equipment!

Have an Unusual Need? Talk to Accudraft

At Accudraft, we love the challenge when a client brings us an unusual need. Our engineers can design any paint booth for a specific usage. Because we manufacture all of our own booths, any part of it can be changed or customized. We even have a U.S-based manufacturing facility that allows us to quickly produce and ship booths to our customers. Interested in learning more? Contact Accudraft online.