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The Importance of Paint Booth Floor Filters and Baffling

Paint booth floor filters are one of the most common topics a shop asks about. While many painters over-complicate floor filters, Accudraft makes it incredibly easy to change them in our booths. But before tackling how to change floor filters, it’s important to understand their impact.

Floor filters are made to flow one way and catch all airborne dirt, dust, and over-spray. They match the airflow direction of the booth, which is why they can cause airflow issues if they become clogged. When any type of filter becomes clogged, it cannot perform its job anymore and therefore puts unnecessary strain and premature wear on other parts of a booth. Not to mention, extremely costly repairs that could have been avoided.

How to Change Paint Booth Floor Filters

Changing paint booth filters tends to get put off, even though it’s one of the simplest and most important maintenance tasks. Here are our top tips to keep in mind when changing paint booth filters:

  • Change all filters every two weeks, especially in a high production shop
  • Pay attention that the floor filters are being replaced the right way and that they are not upside down
  • Be careful to not mess with the baffling of the booths when replacing floor filters

What is Baffling and Why Does it Matter?

All paint booths were balanced when installed. If baffling is disrupted, the air distribution within the cabin could be compromised. The baffle in a booth is how the paint particles and over-spray pass through the cabin and into the filters. When replacing filters, it’s a smart idea to take a picture or video of the baffling to put it back exactly where and how it was.

How to Increase the Longevity of Floor Filters

After every paint job, painters should blow out the booth to remove any dust and dirt on the booth’s floors and walls. Taking the time to clean the cabin in-between jobs can help to increase the longevity of floor filters. Without doing so, all that dust and dirt will stir up the next time the booth is on, and likely go right into the filters. This could cause them to become clogged quicker and need to be replaced more frequently.

How to Stay on Top of Paint Booth Maintenance

While most maintenance tasks could and should be performed by painters, many shops invest in partnering with a service provider to keep their equipment and top performance. Accudraft offers many different maintenance plans to fit a shops’ unique needs. We also complete 18-point inspections to ensure all mechanical components are in good shape. To learn more about our maintenance and service options, contact us online.