When it comes to vehicle body painting, many shops focus all of their attention on the spray booths and neglect the other, critical parts of the overall set-up. While the act of applying coats of paint to a car, truck or other vehicle is important, so is the other work that takes place before a single drop of paint touches a vehicle. In fact, having a quality prep station, mix room or other pre-painting pieces of equipment might be just as important.

If you have any problems in the early stages of the vehicle preparation work, chances are that you’ll wind up with a final outcome that’s less than satisfactory. In addition, we know that space is probably at a premium in your shop. Being able to do prep work in the most efficient manner possible will allow you to have more room in your shop and send vehicles to your car or truck spray booth quicker.

We’ve made efficiency a top priority with our prep stations. Take the Accudraft Prep4000 as an example. It’s a modular unit that starts with one bay but can be expanded to multiple bays with curtain dividers. In addition, the optional Side Loader option allows jobs to be sent straight from the prep station to the spray room without having to go back through the shop. It’s innovations like these that help your business run more effectively and save you money!

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