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Should I Switch to LED Lights for My Accudraft Paint Booth?

Should I Switch to LED Lights for My Accudraft Paint Booth?

Should I Switch to LED Lights for My Accudraft Paint Booth? Leading Paint Booth Company | Paint Booths For Sale

By now, you’ve heard of LED lighting and you have probably even switched to LEDs in your house, but what about in your paint booth? Switching to LED lights where only 5% of the energy used to produce light is wasted, only makes sense for paint booth operators. Compare that to filament and incandescent bulbs that waste upwards of 90% of energy in heat waste.

The Importance of Lighting in Your Paint Booth

Did you know that incandescent lighting and filament bulbs produce a dingier light than LED bulbs? The difference in the way a car finish looks under yellow light is way different than the way it looks under direct white light or natural light. You can’t get that kind of light using old bulbs. Only LED lighting allows you to see the finish the way it looks naturally in sunlight.

Imagine how much better your finishes will look using an Accudraft paint booth with LED lighting! Already our paint booths provide you with the sharpest, most uniform finish of any paint booth on the market. Add to that prowess even better interior lighting and your shop becomes the best shop in town.

The Pros and Cons of LED Lighting

For paint booth operators, the lighting is just as important to producing high-quality finishes as the type of equipment you use. However, the cost to run a high volume shop is greatly affected by the type of lighting.

Using LED lights ends up saving thousands in the long run because LED lights are exceptionally long lasting. That’s just one advantage, but there are others:

Pros of LED Lighting for Your Paint Booth

Reduced Energy Costs

The reduction in energy costs is nothing to sneeze at when you consider that even incandescent bulbs lose a full 20% of the energy they emit. LEDs only use 20% of the energy that incandescent bulbs use at the most. Add to that their longevity and you could run your LED lights in your paint booth for years without having to replace them!

More Natural Light

Energy efficient lights have a minimum CRI rating of 80. A rating of 0 is poor, unnatural light. A 100 CRI rating is considered exactly natural light and true color reflection. Incandescent lights are the standard paint booth option and rank on the low end of the CRI scale.

On the Kelvin scale (the measure for LED lights) the typical incandescent bulb maxes out at around 2,700K. That’s nearly half of the white light produced by LEDs at 5,000K. If you switch to LED lighting in your paint booth, as you work, you are seeing the true color of the vehicle in natural daylight resulting in an even higher quality finish.

Planet Saving

Most shop owners won’t switch to LED lighting simply to save the planet. It is just a bonus with all of the other benefits of switching. Filament bulbs are polluting and need to be replaced regularly. Everything from street lights to neon signs are now helping to save the planet with LED lights. Your shop could join team save the planet while saving money too!

Tax Credits for Switching to LED

In addition to the cost savings due to reduced energy consumption, the U.S. government is encouraging business owners to switch to LED. Just by switching your lighting, you could add to your overall cost savings by taking advantage of green energy tax credits.

One more word on the lifespan of LED lights. Have you ever bought a box of bulbs, dropped it and heard the little filament rattling inside. Traditional bulbs are delicate and prone to overheating. LED lights are sturdier and have been shown to work for a decade without burning out. They are safer because they do not emit a lot of heat and last 20 times longer than lights in a typical paint booth.


The only major drawback to switching to LED lighting is the expense. LED light bulbs cost up to ten times more than a filament bulb and are at least 5 times as expensive as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

However, as more businesses and individuals have switched to LED lighting, those costs have come way down over the last few years. Plus when you add in all of the savings, LED bulbs more than pay for themselves within two to three years of use.

Why You Should Switch to LED Lights in Your Paint Booth

If all of the above weren’t reason enough to switch to LED lights in your paint booth, how about this; LED light can be directed to a specific area unlike other lighting options. In other words, the light does not just spread out through the room.

Your overhead lights in your paint booth can be positioned to focus on the vehicles moving through with laser-like acuity. That’s something traditional paint booth lighting cannot do. Want more information about upgrading your Accudraft Paint Booth? Contact our team now.

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