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Paint Booth Technician Jobs: Everything You Need to Know Before Applying

Thinking about diving into the world of finishing equipment? Whether you have experience in the automotive or HVAC industries—or none at all—becoming a paint booth technician can lead to a life-long, fulfilling career. Here’s everything you need to know before applying to work as a paint booth technician.

What Does a Paint Booth Technician Do?

If you prefer a hands-on job that offers something different every day and keeps you on the move, a paint booth technician career may be right for you. Booth techs respond to service calls from shops experiencing issues with their finishing equipment. Service includes diagnosing problems, changing parts, performing replacements, and conducting quality assurance tests.

5 Skills Recommend to Become a Paint Booth Technician

  • Willingness to learn: From electronics and sensors to mechanics and construction, there is always something new to learn within the finishing industry. It’s important to be able to adapt with a changing industry.
  • Problem-solving skills: No two problems are ever really the same. Being able to use critical thinking to solve performance issues will be crucial in this role.
  • An understanding of electronics: A huge part of being a paint booth technician is diagnosing, testing, and reading various electrical components.
  • Basic handyman abilities: Booth techs should know a little about a lot of things, as they will perform many small tasks such as replacing light bulbs, filters, or door hinges.
  • Excellent time management: Being timely with service schedules to avoid delays and maintain exceptional customer service is crucial as a paint booth technician.

How Do I Become a Paint Booth Technician?

Most paint booth technician jobs start at the entry level, requiring a high school diploma and 0-1 years of relevant experience. Formal training is generally not needed; majority (if not all) necessary knowledge will be learned on the job. However, having a basic understanding of what a paint booth is and how it works will go a long way, especially during the interview process.

Why Work with Accudraft?

Accudraft is a national manufacturer of high-quality finishing equipment. We have several technician teams across the country that service our customers from the east to west coasts. Our company prides itself on cultivating a supportive environment where employees of any level can work together to find solutions.

As a paint booth technician at Accudraft, we offer competitive salaries based upon experience, as well as professional development opportunities as a tech grows in their role. Through our excellent training program, anyone can start at the entry-level and work to become a more senior position with higher pay.

If you’re interested in working with Accudraft, visit our Indeed profile or follow us on social media to be notified of any new openings.

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