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Accudraft Paint Booth for Sale in South Carolina

South Carolina is home to dozens if not hundreds of facilities that use finishing systems. As a leading paint booth manufacturer, Accudraft provides to those in South Carolina through our state-of-the-art manufacturing center. Here we store, manufacture, and construct booths and other finishing equipment for national distribution. We also perform research and development into new products to accompany our high performing finishing systems.

About Our South Carolina Manufacturing Facility

While our headquarters remain in New Jersey, our South Carolina location allows for more manufacturing floor space—13 acres with over 75,000 square feet to be exact. This facility also provides us with plenty of room for future growth and expansion, and we’re happy to share that with our current and new clients. With daily equipment arrivals, we’re able to handle all storage and shipping operations, plus any new R&D endeavors.



Types of Paint Booths Available for Sale in South Carolina

If you’re in the market for a new finishing system or upgraded paint booth, you’ve come to the right experts. Accudraft manufacturers all types of paint booth and finishing systems. From singular booths to large-scale setups, we can do it all. Our South Carolina center specializes in our pro-series booth, which is our economic line. We also manufacture all electronic components and our control panels in-house.

About the Pro-Series Paint Booths

The pro-series is ideal for new or small sized operations looking for a reliable and affordable paint booth. It’s made in various configurations, including cross, semi down, and side-down air flows all with non-heated or heating packages. We also design the pro-series in a galvanized or white finish. The pro-series is available in custom sizing to handle the needs of your shop!

Buying & Installing a Paint Booth from Accudraft

No matter where your facility is located, we make it easy to buy and install paint booths from Accudraft. First, give us a call at 1-800-524-0340 and we’ll connect you with a sales engineer to discuss your shop’s needs. We can help determine if you need a customized solution, a standard model, or potential upgrades to fit your current system. When assessing your needs, we’ll go over outdoor vs. indoor options, the height and size requited, our AMU and heating packages, as well us set up options like a tunnel, drive-thru, or elevated design. We’ll also help you decide if any additional accessories are needed, like a mix room or curtained work area.

Once a system is chosen, Accudraft will deliver all parts and equipment to your shop anywhere in the nation. Most of our installations are completed within one week, but some projects require a longer timeline depending on the scope of the install. Our team can also act as a general contractor by coordinating with local permits, Fire Marshalls, and building construction (such as concrete or electrical work).

Our work isn’t finished after installation. We ensure everything is running smoothly by offering routine maintenance and service plans, including a post-install follow up. We also offer training sessions to help technicians understand how to operate our paint booths, which are based out of our New Jersey and South Carolina locations.

To learn more about our paint booths, call 1-800-524-0340 or request information online.