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Paint Booth for Sale in Georgia (Frequently Asked Questions)

Accudraft has expanded our manufacturing facility to Aiken, South Carolina—only 30 minutes away from Augusta, Georgia. Not only is this expansion an opportunity to scale our manufacturing, but it also allows us to better reach the Georgia market and build relationships with our southeast customers. With 75,000 sq. ft. and 13 acres, our Aiken facility is ready to supply Georgia with high quality finishing systems.

If you’re in the Georgia area and are looking to connect with Accudraft, keep reading.

Who is Accudraft?

Accudraft has served the United States for over 40 years by providing high quality finishing systems for the automotive, truck, industrial, train/rail, aerospace, and marine industries. From paint booths to mix rooms to conveyer systems, we can design, build, and install it all. Our full-service installation team allows us to act as a general contractor to handle large-scale projects. We also always have availability for our standard paint booth models, making it easy for smaller shops to buy and install paint booths.

How Much Does a Paint Booth Cost?

While our standard models have base prices, final cost depends on the project scope. Project cost may include installation fees, construction, added upgrades or accessories, and multiple types of equipment.

  • Installing a paint booth involves more than just the purchase of a booth. Think about how it will be delivered, who will be installing it, and if there needs to be any concrete work. Even one paint booth requires permits, fire suppressions, inspections, and code compliancy.
  • Purchasing a total finishing system will drive up the total project cost. Larger facilities may require multiple paint booths or other equipment such as a mix room, an IRT system, man-lifts, or a prep station.

At Accudraft, we are always transparent with our customers when it comes to cost. We work with shops to ensure high quality equipment while remaining in budget. Remember, buying a paint booth is more than just an upfront cost, it’s an investment in your business.

Do You Need Planning Permission to Build a Paint Booth?

As with any state, there are local regulations to follow for paint booth installation. For example: fire marshals, local building permits, electrical, gas, concrete, etc. There are also federal regulations to adhere to, like the EPA, NFPA, and OSHA. As mentioned above, Accudraft can act like a general contractor to take the planning and logistics off our customers.

What Kind of Paint Booth Do I Need?

There are many factors that affect what type of paint booth your shop needs. You must consider your vehicle mix, size of shop, production goals, budget, and floor layout. While that may sound intimidating, Accudraft makes it incredibly easy for customers to buy their first paint booth or upgrade an old system.

From standard models to fully custom finishing systems, we can do it all. With one phone call, we can guide you to the right equipment that will be the best investment for your shop. Don’t believe us? Ask our customers who have been using our products for 30+ years! To learn more about Accudraft equipment, call 1-800-524-0340 or contact us online.