Comparing Open vs Enclosed Paint Booths

Choosing the right paint booth for your operations can make or break production. A big mistake shops make is compromising quality for price or overpaying for an under-performing setup. The best approach to buying a paint booth is comparing all the available options. For industrial facilities, open and enclosed paint booths tend to be the top contenders.

But, what’s the difference? Keep reading to compare open vs enclosed paint booths, including their size, results, and pricing.

Open Face Booth

Open face booths tend to take up less floor space, making it ideal for small facilities. They’re also more cost-effective, as they cost less to manufacturer. Open booths are great for doing spray outs, testing colors, and color matching. They’re designed for prepping parts and getting ready for a paint job. However, some can be used for spraying small items.

Due to the nature of an open face booth, they let in more contaminants. It’s extremely difficult to control the crossflow airdraft within an open booth. Open booths are also do not have heating capabilities. For these reasons, there’s no way to perform a complete paint job in one.

Curtained Work Area

Many confuse open face booths with curtained work areas, however they are vastly different. The addition of curtains helps greatly to control contamination. Curtained work areas can also be heated, however they tend to increase the temperature outside of the space as well, wasting heat and money.

Enclosed Booth

Enclosed booths are larger and more expensive but produce vastly higher quality finishes. They are available in crossdraft, side downdraft, and downdraft airflows. Enclosed booths can also have a heating system, allowing for start to finish paint jobs to be completed.

Accudraft Can Help You Choose

At Accudraft, we can help you choose the right type of booth for your paint shop. Depending on your needs, one may be better than the other, or a set up with several booths can be ideal. We have a series of series of open, enclosed, and curtained industrial paint booths. No matter what your shop paints, we’re ready to help. Contact us today to learn more.