Our MRO Americas 2021 Recap from the Accudraft Team

MRO Americas 2021 was Aviation Week’s first in-person show since the pandemic started, however, it did not disappoint. As a key player in the aerospace refinishing industry, the Accudraft team was excited to dive deep into current industry trends, refinishing technology, and more.

Here’s our event recap:

What are the Current Trends in the Aerospace Industry Right Now?

As with most industries, the MRO industry vendors, operators, etc., are all looking to get back into work post-2020. The MRO operators are predictably seeing changes, such as an increase in shared jet travel for executives who were previously flying first-class commercially. Furthermore, the reduced routes and scheduled flights of major air carriers have allowed charter jet services to grow their businesses, and the MRO industry is responding.

What are the Predicted Future Trends in the Aerospace Industry?

To expand on the above, the industry expects that chartered air travel will continue to be more prevalent, and with that, MRO business should increase as well. This increase is predicted to grow when overseas travel begins to open more and restrictions are lifted.

What Events did Accudraft Attend at the Event?

The Accudraft team attended a hospitality event for Burns & McDonnell; a large group of companies that support Engineering, Construction, Architecture, and Science. Burns & McDonnell is responsible for a lot of large-scale design and build projects in the aviation industry. It was great to hear their positive outlook and to spend time with a partner that we have worked with on several occasions.

How Can Accudraft Paint Booths Positively Impact the Aerospace Industry?

Accudraft helps MROs evolve their painting operations by offering various sizes and configurations on paint booths and options for component painting, interior work, cleanroom environments, and aircraft painting.

What Technology Does Accudraft Use for Their Aerospace Booths?

Besides the more technologies commonly required for most MRO applications, Accudraft offers various options for specialized work where climate and shape are critical to the job. We’re also experts at customizing our equipment to fit the customer’s niche in the industry.

What were the Key Takeaways from the MRO Event?

Our team was excited to be back at a show after almost a year off, and even though the MRO show had a smaller attendance and floor space than years prior, we were pleased to see a good amount of interest in capital equipment for paint operations. We will also be increasing our show presence for the aviation industry and attending the NBAA show in Las Vegas. As we continue refining our standard product offerings, we look forward to growing our aerospace products to better fit the aviation industry.

Interested in learning more about Accudraft paint booths for aerospace refinishing? Talk to an Accudraft engineer by contacting us online.