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Analyze Real-Time Paint Booth Data with a Connected Software

The finishing industry is seeing huge shifts towards connectivity, cloud technology, and automation. Shops want to be more informed of their paint booth’s performance, and the industry is finally catching up to demand. Paint booths are now being connected to real-time data software to track key metrics.

Key Features of Connected Paint Booth Data Software


The most obvious feature of connect paint booths is their connectivity. Smart sensors are installed in paint booths that connect to a data software. Through cloud technology, performance data is sent from the paint booth to the software, revealing tons of valuable information.


Shops are all too familiar with paint booth problems. Now, connected data software can read booth sensors. The software can display error messages and fixes, such as a filter alarm that requires a replacement. This troubleshooting feature helps streamline problem-solving and create more efficient workspaces.

Reduced Downtime

Shops that are able to identify errors and fixes through their connected software can experience reduced booth downtime. Instead of waiting for a service technician to arrive, inspect the equipment, and send out for parts, shops can fast forward directly to scheduling an estimate for repairs or ordering the necessary parts.

Communication and Access

Connected data software offers complete integration through machine-to-machine communication. Shops that operate at a large scale, like franchises, can view the performance of paint booths in multiple locations all at once, including workload and time per job. With this information, General Managers can determine where issues are arising, monitor personnel work, and more.

Data and Analytics

Shops can access more paint booth data than ever before to make better and more informed decisions. With a personalized dashboard, each shop can control what data is being displayed to see key information quickly and easily. Owners can also set levels of access across their shop, from complete control to limited restrictions.

What is Accudraft Live? Paint Booth Data Software

Accudraft Live is the latest technology from the global paint booth manufacturer, Accudraft. It’s a data software platform that connects to paint booths through smart sensors. Accudraft Live is the most intuitive and user-friendly platform currently available in the industry. Its interface gives shop owners valuable data in an easy-to-read dashboard. Beyond being equipped with the above features, Accudraft Live can be installed to any compatible paint booth on the market. To learn more about our paint booth data software platform, contact us online.