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4 Paint Booth Hardware Parts Your Shop Should Always Have

Everything has an expiration date, including the parts in your paint booth. At any moment, a part can fail and cause your entire paint booth to shut down for the day—or longer. To avoid bottlenecks in your shop, it’s crucial to keep spare parts on hand for easy replacements. By keeping a backup of consumables, it helps to ensure easy and quick fixes, minimizing downtime.

What Paint Booths Are Prone to Issues?

Many times, older booths may be prone to more issues. As booths age, there is a greater chance for recurring issues. If you notice you’re replacing a certain part more frequently than others, take note and be sure to always keep that part in stock.

Part failure is less common with newer booths, but it’s still a good habit to always keep the basics in your shop. This way, you can keep your booth up and running at all times, ensuring the best performance.

1. Filters

Filters, filters, filters. They’re one of the most important parts in a paint booth. Without them (or with clogged ones), your paint booth is susceptible to a multitude of issues. We’re talking more airborne particles, overspray, and contamination. To decrease the likelihood of these problems, always keep floor, ceiling, and wall filters in stock.

Pro-tip #1: Not all paint booths have all three filters. Make sure to double check which type of filters your paint booth is equipped with before buying refills!

Pro-Tip #2: Buying your filters precut to fit your booth’s dimensions saves time and money!

2. Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are another extremely important part of a paint booth. It’s very common for a booth to experience lighting issues, whether that’s due to damage, burn out, or age. Proper lighting is crucial for the painting process, otherwise metamerism may occur. This is when two colors that are not the same appear the same under certain lighting. For this reason, it’s vital to have the right light bulbs in your paint booth.

While different booths may use different types of bulbs, it’s a good idea to buy the specific bulb in bulk to be able to make quick replacements when needed.

Pro-tip #3: Switch to LED bulbs rather than traditional incandescent lights. While LED bulbs can have a higher upfront cost, they can help to save money long-term because they can be used for longer and require less frequent replacements than incandescent bulbs.

3. Smaller Components

A paint booth is made up of many smaller components. One faulty part can cause an entire paint booth to shut down. In the case that something goes wrong, always keep the basics in stock at your shop. Technicians should be able to take a few minutes to replace a part rather than wait days or even weeks for a replacement part to be delivered.

Here are some common parts that you should consider buying:

  • Bolts, nuts, & washers, and hinges: Used for the front booth doors
  • Knobs, clips, and springs: Used to keep the ceiling filters hung
  • Belts: Essential for the motors within a booth

4. Electrical Components

Every paint booth has some type of control system. While some are more complex than others, they all have electrical components. These parts may be affected by surges, blackouts, or weather conditions, so it’s important to keep some spares handy. Relays are the most common replacements to make, but other items inside a control panel can also cause problems.

What to Do When You Need Paint Booth Hardware?

If your shop is looking to create a stock of the essentials, call Accudraft. No matter who your paint booth manufacturer is, we can deliver basic hardware anywhere in the country. We also offer our customers customizable maintenance plans to ensure their finishing system is always at top performance. Or if there’s an emergency, we have quick service response times through our network of distributors and technicians.

To order paint booth hardware and parts, call us or send us a message on social media. For maintenance plan inquiries, contact us online.

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