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Accudraft has opened a brand new training facility specifically built to advance the education and expertise of our salespeople and distributors.

If you’re interested in learning more or even participating in our upcoming training sessions, then please complete the form below.

Accudraft Training Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the training facility located?
Our new facility is located in Randolph, NJ, which is the same location as our US headquarters.

How do I participate?
Please submit your information via the form above and our team will reach back out with further information.

Are there limited spaces? Does that training happen on a set schedule?
Yes, there are limited spaces as each session will follow a set schedule. Availability will be provided upon inquiry.

How long is the training?
Our standard curriculum lasts 2 days.

Is there one general training curriculum or are there different tracks depending on the attendee (curriculum for distributors, curriculum for installers, etc)? 
Yes, we have sales training classes and tech training classes. Paint suppliers can also come and do demos of their paint in the booth. You can even bring customers of yours and use the space to demo your newest paint (e.g. waterborne).